Thursday, November 22, 2007

2007 German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America National Field Trial Results

The 2007 German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America National Events were held in Illinois this year. All field events were held on the beautiful grounds of Pyramid State Park just outside of Pickneyville.

The state does an outstanding job of managing these grounds, and providing for field trials that are held here. It is a mix of open fields, groves of trees and rows of cut milo. The grounds give a dog plenty of room to stretch out and show their stuff, shorten up and hunt some thick cover, and show their desire to go with their handler.

Our weather was just about perfect all week long with sunny skies and not a drop of rain!
Following are the results for this years events;

Derby Classic- 16 German Wirehaired Pointers
Judgs: Charlie Miller and Doug Reisner

1. Wilson's Famous Amos JH, Male, 1/1/06
Sire: NFC FC Backwoods Sure Shot Wiilson
Dam: Fancy Pressure Cooker Wilson
Breeder Ron Wilson
Owner/ Handler Brenda Roe,

2. Big Oaks Jacpine Savage Male 3/1/06
FC AFC Big Oaks Black Jac OKK MH
Dam”: Big Oaks Black Magic Woman
Breeder/Owner/Handler Vern Grimslid

3. Showdown At OKK Corral, Male 11/25/05
Sire:NAFC/DC/AFC Cascade Jagd Freund
Dam: OKK Ebony Bo Laveau
Breeder:John & Ruth schoonover
Owner/Handler Gary Wickwire

4. Bitamy's Morgan Hill, Male 5/23/06
Sire” NFC/FC Sure Shot’s Slick Nickel
Dam: Backwoods Foxy Debutante
Breeder: Mark Forney
Owner: Stan Uhl Handler: Greg Dixon.

National Amateur Championship – 22 GWP’s
Judges: Charlie Miller and Doug Reisner

1. NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin, Male 4/22/00
Sire: Cadenberg Mick V rogue
Dam: Ch Von Duffins RKLD Cappuccino
Breeder: Terry and Ann Duffin
Owner/Handler Sandy & John Williams

2. FC/AFC Big Oak's Black Jac OKK MH, Male 8/27/98
Sire:OKK Bo Laveau
Dam: OKK Flo Jo Laveau
Breeder: John and Ruth Schoonover’
Owner/Handler: Vern Grimslad,

3. DC St Croix's Diamond Jim, Male
Sire: NFC/DC/AFC JayMars Blakes Windczar SH
Dam: NAFC/FC/AFC St Croix’s awhide Ruby
Breeder/Owner/Handler; Bruce and Sue Mueller

4. DC/AFC Flintlock's Go Boy V Rahnhaus Male 9/15/99
Sire: Flintlocks Limited Edition
Dam: Flintlock’s Late For the Sun
Breeder: Mike Hemphill
Owner/Handler: Rocky Gilleard

Puppy Classic- 9 GWP’s
Judges: Ed Kerr and Diane Vater

1. Backwoods Drama Queen Female 1/10/07
Sire: NFC/FC Sure Shot’s Slick Nickel
Dam: Backwoods Dallas Alice
Breeder/Owner/Handler: Greg and Liz Dixon

2. Sure Shot's Reckless Female 7/30/06
Sire: Ch Sure Shot’s Rock On
Dam: FC/AFC Sure Shot’s White Shadow
Breeder/Owner: Penny Ljungren
Handler: Bernee Brawn

3. Sure Shot's Sonora Gone Heywire, Female 10/29/06
Sire: Ch Sure Shot’s Rock On
Dam: DC/AFC Sure Shot’s Wide Open Spaces
Breeder: Doug Ljungren and Judy Cheshire
Owner: Penny Ljungren
Handler: Bernee Brawn

4. Backwoods Hillbilly Deluxe Male 1/10/07
Sire: NFC/FC Sure Shot’s Slick Nickel
Dam: Backwoods Dallas Alice
Breeder: Greg and Liz Dixon
Owner: Tari Nestrud
Handler: Greg Dixon.

National Championship- 24 GWP’s
Judges: Ed Kerr and Diane Vater

1. Tumalo Joe Male 4/26/03
Sire: NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolfs Blitzen von Duffin
Dam: Ch Von Duffin’s Lady Bug MH
Breeder: Ann Duffin and Meg Eden
Owner/Handler: John and Sandy Williams

2. NFC/DC Backwoods Sure Shot Marley Male 12/25/99
Sire: NFC/DC/AFC Sure Shots Hot Rocks MH
Dam: Ch Backwoods Mo Kick
Breeder: Greg Dixon and Roger Bultman
Owner: Helen Shelley
Handler: Greg Dixon

3. FC/AFC Backwoods Sure Shot Stoney, Male 12/25/99
Sire: NFC/DC/AFC Sure Shots Hot Rocks MH
Dam: Ch Backwoods Mo Kick
Breeder: Greg Dixon and Roger Bultman
Owner: Helen Shelley
Handler: Greg Dixon

4. NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin
Sire: Cadenberg Mick V Rogue
Dam: Ch Von Duffins RKLD Cappuccino
Breeder: Terry and Ann Duffin
Owner/Handler Sandy & John Williams

Field Futurity - 18 GWP’s
Judges Ed kerr and Diane Vater

1. Backwoods Sweet Baby Ray Male 5/23/06
Sire: NFC/FC/AFC Sure Shot’s Slick Nickel
Dam: Backwood’s Foxy Debutante
Breeder: Mark & Suzanne Forney
Owner /Handler Greg and Liz Dixon

2. Bigoak's JacPine Savage Male 3/1/06
Sire: FC AFC Big Oaks Black Jac OKK MH
Dam: Big Oaks Black Magic Woman
Breeder/Owner/Handler: Vern Grimslid

3. Cascade Tumalo Tess, Female 1/1/06
Sire: NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Rudolfs Blitzen von Duffin
Dam: FC/AFC Cascade Maria
Breeder: Ray & Lynn Calkins
Owner: John & Sandy Williams

4. Brillow's Flyin' Frizz E Female 8/4/05
Sire: Brillow’s Jackson Flyer
Dam: Brillow’s Abigail
Breeder: Rhonda Haukoos & Janet Erbe
Owner: Paul Albertson and Rhonda Haukoos

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why, oh Why?

How Not To Groom a GWP
Why do people who own GWP's and show them think they have to make them look like Airedales? Grooming to clean them up, to remove dead coat, to present a nice, clean picture is one thing, but making them look like a whole different breed is another can of worms!

Why do our judges use these dogs and present them Best of Breed and or Winners ribbons when they don't look like German Wirehaired Pointers? Why do they choose to ignore our breed standard? It's stated in there pretty clearly that grooming to present a dog artificial in appearance is a huge no no!

Is anyone reading our breed standard?
Our breed standard clearly states under coat: The distinctive outer coat is straight, harsh, wiry and flat lying, and is from one to two inches in length. The outer coat is long enough to protect against the punishment of rough cover, but not so long as to hide the outline of the dog. On the lower legs the coat is shorter and between the toes it is of softer texture

Hmmm, not so long as to hide the outline of the dog, long enough to protect against the punishment of rough cover, flat lying. Very interesting. But what does that mean? How does the coat protect against the cover? Why is it flat lying?

Those Darn Pragmatic Germans!
The GWP is a do it all dog, water, field, forest. They are used extensively throughout the US as upland bird dogs and waterfowl retrievers. The cover they hunt ranges from the deserts of the southwest to the mountains of Vermont. They are expected to bust through the rough stuff, not shy away from thorns, stickers or ice.

A long stand off coat, whether on the body or especially the legs, chest and belly is nothing more than a magnet for dirt, mud and briars. If you have ever seen a dog full of cockle burrs it might help you understand why this type of coat is so detrimental to both the dogs working ability and to it’s health!

These burrs work their way under arm pits, between the toes and pads and if not removed quickly can cause serious harm to the skin. I’ve seen dog who ended up with horrible infections between their toes from missed cockleburs. The infection was so bad, we almost had to amputate a toe.

Excessive hair in the eyebrows and on the muzzle can cause a dog to become so full of burrs that their eyes and mouths become sealed shut.

Harsh, flat, tight fitting coats, especially on the legs, belly and chest shed these burrs with little work. The dog can actually pick them off if need be. And the owner doesn’t have to spend hours brushing and combing after a short hunt.

Excessive hair on the legs is also a danger for dogs working in the winter. Snow and ice will build up and could end a dogs day in the field. Ice balls between the toes cause sore feet, and can lead to infection.

Long or soft leg, chest and belly coat cannot protect the skin, it can only hinder the work of the dog! Excessive amounts of hair on the legs do indeed hide the true outline of the dog, that is unless the dog has perfectly round legs the width of a tree and thighs that would make Arnold proud!

When we overlook the purpose of the things our standard describe, we are overlooking what benefits the dog, and in the long run it’s owner. The Germans bred this type of coat because of it’s suitability for the work asked of the dogs, not because they thought it was pretty! A German Wirehair Pointer with leg hair so long that it can be sculptured into a beautiful round post is incorrect! It is dangerous for the dog, it is useless for the breed and frustrating for the owner.

But, it looks just like a GSP!
Then on the other hand we have some very short coated dogs that may at first glance appear to be German Shorthair Pointers. Our breed does indeed produce smooth coated dogs and a totally GSP type of coat is equally as incorrect as a too long coat, Correct, but shorter GWP coats will not feel like a GSP coat when you get your hand on it and in it. It will not feel smooth, it will have more depth and length, it will cover the body,legs and chest. These coats may not have much in the way of furnishings, but the texture will be there, there will be eyebrows and a beard.

Don’t over look these coats when looking at this breed. Breeders know these kind of coats could produce good coats down the road. Short, tight, coarse coats are utilitarian, wash and dry and usually protective. Whereas, the coats that are long will produce excessively long leg or chest coat down the road. Any good groomer will be able to trim that coat to make it appear not so long, but your hands can tell you all you need to know. Feel the texture, check for skin coverage, look to see if the outline is hidden.

How To Judge a coat
We need not to look for length, but rather for coverage, for depth, for thickness. Will those briars stick to this coat? Will those thorns rip skin? Are the hairs thick and strong? Or are they thin and whispy? Use your hands when judging coats, feel for texture, check the belly and chest, can you feel skin, can you see skin?

Is the Coat the most important thing on our dogs?
While coat is so terribly important to our breed it cannot be more important than soundness. A dog with an absolutely drop dead perfect coat that is flawed in it’s movement, that is unsound physically or mentally is just as useless to the hunter. We must strive for the package, the total animal that fits the bill in all ways.

But...... it's a Dog SHOW!
I understand it’s a dog show, with an emphasis on Show, but I always believed the purpose for a show was to choose breeding stock. A German Wirehaired Pointer should not look like a liver and white Airedale, or Giant Schnauzer. A dog with a coat such as this lacks breed type, lacks a correct German Wirehaired Pointer coat. When these types of coats are put up for our top honors, it encourages fad breeding, breeding to win in the show ring. But what good is producing pretty dogs that are useless for their intended purpose- hunting.

This is not a fancy breed, this is a down to earth, solid working dog whose history and heritage deserves to be upheld and honored. Breeders and owners who want to sculpt a breed, who have a need to have flowing coats should seek those breeds. Judges also need to honor our standard and attempt to learn what correct coat is.

This is not an easy breed to breed! We have to keep so many things in mind when choosing which dogs to breed. Athletic ability, bird sense, trainability, conformation, temperment, and then that proper coat. Keeping good, harsh, flat, and tight fitting coats has to be on our list, very high on our list because without it, it's just another long coated sporting dog. Please, let us not go the way of the Cockers and Setters!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The All Star Invitational

A Very Special Competition
For Very Special Dogs!

The All Star Invitational was held the very first time in 2002 at the GWP Nationals in Nebraska. We wanted to do something to showcase our Dual Champions, our Champions with Master Hunter titles. We wanted a way to give the owners and breeders of these dogs a pat on the back, and we wanted our members to have the opportunity to see these dogs up close and personal.

At the Nebraska Nationals, we had an evening with nothing going on, so we invented the All Star Invitational. What started out as a way to fill an evening, something to do at night, has turned into quite the serious affair. Many of our handlers are dressed to the gunnels, complete with formal attire! We are thrilled that our GWP owners take this competition very seriously, and every year our ring is full of these talented dogs and their dedicated owners.

The All Star is open only to Dual Champions, Champion/Amateur Field Champions, Champion/Master Hunters, and Champion/ NAVHDA UT Prize 1 titled dogs, this prestigious competition highlights the importance of FORM and FUNCTION in a breed where this remains a priority.

Format: a panel of three knowledgeable GWP handlers, breeders and/or judges, judge The Invitational. The identities of the judges are kept secret until the night of the event. The All Star is held in the evening and the committee always makes sure there is plenty of food and drink available for all who come to watch.

The dogs are judged using the breed standard and there is only one winner! Today this event is judged strictly based on the conformation of the dogs, but who knows, maybe someday we will figure out how to fit in a competition in the field as well. Now that would be the ultimate!

This event is totally self supporting and receives no financial support from the GWPCA. Thank goodness the members of the GWPCA also believe in the importance of the All Star, without their support, it would not exist. The Committee holds a raffle every year to raise funds to pay for the bronze GWP trophy awarded to the winner, and to cover the costs of the dinner given for free to all who come to watch the dogs.

Go Here to view the beautiful and unbelievable raffle item for 2011!

2008 All Star Invitational Winner
DC Wildwings Shameless "Gus"
NFC/FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickle x DC/AFC x DC/AFC Wildwings Party Girl MH
Breeder/Owner: Lynn Sandor
Trained by and handled by Dave LaChance

2007 All Star Winner
BIS/DC/AFC Jet Sets Ragtop Day at Scotia- "Cruiser"
DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH x Ch JetSets Full Sail of Scotia JH
Breeder: Jane Bonaccorso & Laura Reeves
Owners: Tom & Jodi Quesnell

2006 All Star Winner
DC/AFC RLB's Milo Kidd
Backwoods Flexible Flyer x Ch Ripsnorters RLB Samantha
Breeder: Roger & Lois Bultman
Owner: Greg Dixon

2005 All Star Winner
Ch Weidenhugel Ernst V Einer MH- "Ernie"
Ch Weidenhugel Einer v Pilot x Ch Weidenhugel Xrated v Bama
Breeder:Cindi Heiller
Owners: Cindi Heiller & Gary Bonini

2004 All Star Winner
BIS/Ch RLB's Mac The Knight MH- "Mac"
Ch RLB Jessie the Body MH x Ch Ripsnorter RLB Samantha
Breeer: Roger & Lois Bultman
Owners: Roger & Lois Bultman, Joyce Wilkiinson, Andrea Handevidt

2002 All Star Winner
Ch Weidenhugel Gabby v Merlin MH
Ch Weidenhugel Merlin v Nico CD MH x Ch Weidenhugel Ulla v Rap JH
Breeder:Cindi Heiller
Owner: Mary Catherine Sowell & Cindi Heiller

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Very First GWPCA Field Trial

A Little Breed History
Here is the judges book from the very first field trial sponsored by the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Amerca. The event was held in Ingleside, Illinois and had an entry of 26 GWP! Pretty impressive for a breed that had only been AKC recognized since 1959.

This trial was considered by the club as their first National Field trial.
In October 2007, the club will run their 44th National Field trial.

Training Days

Training Days at the farm

Sassy & Tucker, point and honor.

Just about every Sunday this summer, the gang would gather here at my place and we worked our dogs. We had some very young puppies, started dogs and dogs we are getting ready for the trial season.

Kermit & Jerry Krepak

All in all our training went very well I think. We worked on getting them steady to wing and shot, worked on retrieving, did a lot of backing work and got the puppies out looking for birds.

All of us are GWP enthusiasts, with the occasional Shorthair and Griffon thrown in here and there.


Brody & Dennis Dec

I am lucky that we own 20 acres and are surrounded by roughly 200 acres of open land. Most all of our neighbors have put their land into farm preservation, so it will be here for a long time and won't end up as just another housing development. Most of the farmland in Bucks County has been sold to developers, and it's disappearing quickly, which makes hunting in this area darn near impossible. We really don't have wild birds anymore, other than some turkeys. Now and then we'll hear a pheasant cackling in a cornfield, but never see them.

Each of us has a different method of training and everyone helps everyone else with their dog. All in all, it's working pretty well for us and the dogs are doing well.

Louis James

Thursday, August 30, 2007

25 years!

The Silver Anniversary!
It's hard to imagine it's been 25 years since the GWPCA was granted official AKC recognition for our National Field Championships. And it's even harder to imagine many of us who were there at that event, will be in attendance in 2007, but we will be. We are all a bit grayer, a bit slower, but I'll bet most of us still can remember that event like it was last year.

A Bit of Background

The breed first appeared in the US in the 1920's and became more popular following WWII. Their German breed name Drahthaar continued to be used. In 1953 Drahthaar owners gathered in Chicago and formed a club to promote the breed and to learn from each other. They decided to call their club the German Drahthaar Club of America and registered with the American Field. The club held their field trials under the auspices of the American Field as well.

In 1959, the breed was granted AKC recognition and the name of the breed was changed (per AKC request) to German (Deutsch) Wirehair (Drahthaar) Pointer. The word pointer was added to the name at the request of the AKC to designate which group of sporting dogs the breed would compete with. At that time, there were no versatile testing programs for any breed, so they had to choose which cubby hole to fit into. While the breed is well known for their retrieving abilities, it certainly would not wish to compete in Retriever trials only. The choice was made to be included with the pointing breeds and be able to enter pointing breed field trials. At this time each breed club chose what their requirements would be for a dog to complete a Field Championship. The GWPCA requires every dog working toward a FC title to earn points in retrieving stakes and to complete a water test before that title is awarded.

The club became the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America and is the official parent club for the breed here in the United States.

The First National Field Trials
In 1963 the GWPCA held it's first Annual field trial in Ingleside Illinois. This event has been held every year since, always held in the mid west. In 1976 the Seattle-Tacoma GWP club held the very first National outside of the Midwest, and after that it began to rotate around the country. One should note that the GWPCA National events are unique compared to many other pointing breed clubs Nationals. Even in the beginning, it was decided that our National Specialty show and National Field events would be held at the same time, in the same location every year. They were determined that we keep our breed together, one breed which could and would be competitive in both venues. Today that tradition continues with many dogs showing at the Specialty and then heading over to the trial grounds.

We Are Official!
In the early 1980's the club asked AKC to grant our National Field trial official Championship status. While the club members always referred to this event as the Nationals, no official title was bestowed upon the winners. In 1982 we were granted permission to consider our event as our National Championship and we were allowed to give the title GWPCA National Champion to the winner. After 2 years of probation, the GWPCA proved to AKC that indeed our event was worthy of the title of National Champion, and we dropped the GWPCA prefix. Today all dogs that win either our National Championship, or National Amateur Championship carry the title NFC or NAFC on their AKC pedigrees.

The 1982 National Championship came home to Illinois and was run on the Green River grounds. Unfortunately the title of National Champion was withheld that year. Our National Amateur Championship was won by FC/AFC Halb's Miss Chief, bred and owned by Doug and Penny Ljungren of Seattle WA. Missy was owner trained and handled by Doug.

In 1983 we moved to Selah, WA, quite a different venue from the wheat fields of Illinois. Our 1983 GWPCA National Champion was FC/AFC Baron Vom Schyrental owned by Mike Weatherton. The Amateur Championship was once again awarded to FC/AFC Halbs Miss Chief. (Since 1980 this is the only GWP National event I have not attended!)

The following year we headed east and the venue for the Nationals was Killdeer Plains, Ohio. It was to be another Sure Shot year. FC/AFC Halb's Sure Shot (full sister to Miss Chief) won all the marbles and was named both 1994 National Champion and 1994 National Amateur Champion! "Shooter" was owned, bred and handled by Doug Ljungren. (This double win has only happened 3 times in the history of the event

As the years flew by, the event has grown in size and prestige. Today, our National field events include a Puppy Classic, a Derby Classic, the Futurity, a water test and the two Championships. What used to be run in a 3-day period, now typically takes almost a week to complete!

While our National Championships have grown, they have never lost their original purpose. To bring together the best our breed has to offer both in dogs and in people. It's a week where old friends and competitors come together to celebrate their devotion to a breed, to swap old stories, tell stupid jokes, consume a bit too much Yucca Flats and just have some fun.

25 years... and back we come to Illinois! If you would like to see some truly classy German Wirehaired Pointers in action, be in Pinckneyville, IL October 29th. 25 years.... I can't be that old!

For more information about the 2007 GWPCA National events, go to

Friday, August 24, 2007

Champions/Master Hunters

Champion/Master Hunters
as of 5/09
(if I have missed any dogs, please email me)

1.Ch Marta Otto Von Pines CD MH
Dog. Breeder: Walter & Dolores Furesz. By: CH/AFC Fritz V Schnellberg II x CH Marta Von Pines. Owner: Walter & Dolores Furesz.

2.CH Marmick’s Benno Von Pines CD MH
Dog. Breeder: Walt & Dolores Furesz. By: FC Tonya’s Mickey Finn’ x CH Marta Von Pines. Owner: Walt & Delores Furesz.

3.CH Marmick’s Trudi Von Pines MH
Bitch. 4/3/87. Breeder: Walter & Delores Furesz By: FC Tonya’s Mickey Finn x CH Marta Von Pines. Owner: Walter & Delores Furesz

4.Ch Schnellberg's Rudy CD MH
Dog. 7/26/85. Breeder: Schnellberg Kennels. By: CH Baron Von Schnellberg IV x Schnells Tonya Owner: Schnellberg Kennels.

5.Ch Schnellberg's Sydney CD MH
Dog. 3/20/85. Breeder: Schnellberg Kennels. By: Ch Baron V Schnellberg IV x Lady V Schnellberg II. Owner: Schnellberg Kennels.

6.Ch Jest-A-Sec of Four Seasons CD MH

7.Ch Severn Run's A Shaggy Dog MH

8.Ch Wynakin's Anasazi Windmill MH
Breeder: Betsy Watkins & Pat Hopkins. By: CH Windmill Lonestar Jake x CH Ce Dar Malia Of Startrack. Owner: Berna Lee Aikin.

9.Ch Hellbenders Jesse James MH, CD
Dog. 7/30/94. Breeder: Mary Spies. By: Hellbenders Bums Rush x Hellbenders Desert Storm, JH. Owner: Dennis Dec.

10.Ch Paradise Lake Jake MH, UTI
Dog. 4/1/96. Breeder: Mary Darling. By: NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Cascade Ike MH-Darling Autumn JH. Owner: Ben & Sheri Himle.

11.Ch Sniffen Griffen MH
Dog. 8/7/93. Breeder: Sue Owen. By: Ch Schnellbergs Sydney CD, MH X Schnellbergs Anneliese. Owner: Frank & Elain Couture.

12.Ch Maestro's Justa Snuffleupagus MH
Dog. 5/22/95. Breeder: Pat Ranker. By: DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One CD, MH x CH Ripsnorters Die Zauberflote JH. Owner: Serena Dillingham & Pat Ranker.

13.CH Maestro Razz's Royal Lady MH
Bitch. 1/18/90. Breeder: Pat Ranker. By: CH Liebenwalds Wars Razzmatazz x CH Ripsnorters Die Zauberflote JH. Owner: Jack & Serena Dillingham

14.CH Maestro’s Miss M MH
Bitch. Breeder: Pat Ranker. By: DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One, CD, MH-CH Ripsnorter’s Die Zauberflote JH. Owner: Robert Linn.

15.CH Jerelins Afternoon Delite MH NA
Breeder, Linda Krepak Sire DC AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH x Ch Jerelins Tropical Storm JH Owner Jerry & Linda Krepak

16.Ch Schnellberg's Ruff Wire Zoe MH
Bitch. 3/19/94. Breeder: Lisa Jaffee & Nike Vampotic By: Ch Jamars Back in Time-CH Jaymar Wiesen’s Rite on Target SH. Owner: Susan Degraw.

17.Ch Jed's Spitze Geschutz MH
Dog. 8/8/91. Breeder: Ed & Barb Tucker. By: DC Cascade Rogue MH-CH Jed’s SGR Silent Panda JH. Owners: Ed & Jim Tucker

18.Ch Von Duffin's Halley' Comet MH
Bitch. 5/22/92. Breeder: Terry & Ann Duffin By: FC/AFC Cascade Tuffy-CH Cascade Cate Von Duffin mH. Owner: Terry & Ann Duffin

19.Ch Sgr Witch Hunt MH
Dog. 1/10/93. Breeder: Bill & Gail Richardson. By: Overbarons Country Hustler x FC/AFC SGR Witches Brew. Owner: Karen Nelsen.

20.Ch Dutchman's Wildfowler Magie MH
Bitch. Breeder: E. Kollmar & Joan Hussar. By: CH Severn Runs a Saggy Dog, MH x J&J Kiss And Tell. Owner: Ross Van Der Bos.

21.Ch Seven Run's Chatelaine MH
Bitch. 6/13/94. Breeder: Pat & Larry Huntington. By: CH Severn Runs a Saggy Dog, MH x Severn Runs Breezin Thru. Owner: Ross Van Der Bos.

22.Ch Fairoaks Timebomb V Wiesen MH

23.Ch Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico MH
Dog. 2/6/90. Breeder: Mildred Revell. By: Nico VD Bemmeraue x Weidenhugel Yolande V Quincy. Owner: Linca Ercoli.

24.BISS Ch Cascade Cate Von Duffin MH
Bitch. 6/1/87. Breeder: Terry & Ann Duffin. By: DC Cascase Rogue MH-Muffin Von Duffin. Owner: Terry & Ann Duffin.

25.Ch/OTCH Nordic's Viking Brandy UD,MH
Bitch. 6/4/87. Breeder: Mae & Larry Hennum. By: CH Hennums Baron Wilhelm , UD x CH Astra Vom Viking, CD. Owner: Mae & Larry Hennum.

26.Ch Silent Storm A-Brewin' MH
Bitch. Breeder: Jim Tucker. By DC/NFC./NAFC Cascade Rogue, MH, UT x CH Jeds SGR Silent Panda, JH. Owner: Karen. Nelsen.

27.Ch Allision's Drahted Brunhilda MH
Bitch. 4/7/91. Breeder: A. Harycki. By: Alison’s Int’l Prairie Scout x Alison’s Polka Dot Clipper. Owner: D. Sullivan.

28.Ch Heywire's Wynfall O'Shadra CD,MH
Bitch. 7/28/86. Breeder: Judy Cheshire & Bev Murray. By: CH Laurwyns Cheeseburger x CH Heywires Always A Bridesmaid. Owner: Jerry & Leslie Clark.

29.Ch Desertmill V Jaegermeister CD,MH
Dog. Breeder: E. Lyodom. . By: CH Hillhaven Desert Mill Festus x CH Desert Mills Elena V Landhaus. Owner: S. Totten & Paul Zebrowski.

30.Ch Ripsnorter Fire Starter VRDR CD MH
Bitch. Breeder: Jeff & Helen George & Bob Furlong. By: CH Windhaven’s Stutzer Stumper x CH Windhavens Wheel of Fortune. Owner: Robert & Deborah Rezzardi.

31.Ch Afterhours September Odyssey MH
Bitch. Breeders: Tina & Walt Whitmore. By: CH Afterhours Cassios Landlord x CH Afterhours Spirit of Shurcan. Owner: Chuck & Judy Parretti & Tina & Walt Whitmore.

32.Ch Jay-Mar Weisen's Rite on Target MH TDI
Bitch. 10/7/91. Breeder: Sue and Harvey Rawn By Ch Jamar’s Oh Henry JH-CH Contesse Vom Wiesen.
Owner: Nickol Litwin & M J Collins.

33.CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Brie V Simon, mH, OA, NAJ
Bitch. 1/12/95. Breeder: Mildred L. Revell. By CH Weidenhugel Simon V Alexe-CH Weidenhugel Schatzi v Nico. Owner. Sharon L. Jahn.

34.Ch Scotian Anchorstream MH
Dog. 12/18/96. Breeder: Laura Reeves & Jane Bonaccorso. By: CH Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico MH CD-CH Ruff Cut Jet Set Autumn Moon jH. Owner: Richard Kares & Diane Roll

35.Ch Darling Tick Tock MH
Dog. 4/1.96. Breeder: Mary J. Calkins-Darling. By NFC NAFC DC Cascade Ike MH-Darling Autumn JH. Owner: Ulreh Mostosky, J. Richards & T. Toland.

36.Ch Jay-Mar's Ab's Lieut Warf MH
Dog. 11/12/94. Breeder: M. Jay Collins. By: Jay-Mars Blusassy’s Baron-CH Jay-Mar’s Autumn Reign CD SH TDI. Owner: Jim & Fran Kidder

37.Ch Jay-Mar's Ab's Vina of Orion MH TDI
Bitch. 11/12/94. By Jay-Mary’s Marsu’s Baron-CH Jay-Mar’s Autumn Reign SH CD TDI Owner: Nickol Litwin & MJ Collins

38.Ch ADPG Ez Come Ez Go CD, MH

39.CH Kaese Kuchen MH
Bitch. Breeder: Grant Gessner. By: Tobias of Kent x Duchess of Gessner. Owner: William Lehmann.

40.CH Jay-Mar’s Star Spangled Banner MH
Dog. Breeder: Danielle McCallum. By: CH Ire Ja Chief Bearhart x CH ADPG Southpaw Heart In Hand. Owner: Nikki Litwin.

41.CH Flatlander’s Boise MH CD
Dog. 5/14/94. Breeder: Kevin McCauley By CH Haar Baron’s Casey JH-CH Flatlanders Zebar JH. Owner: Sandra Hoesel.

42.CH Soo Lines Lil Abner MH
Dog. 7/30/94. Breeder: Elizabeth Barrett. By CH Dana Nordica’s A Victor-Ch Lieben-wald’s Doc’s Drieka SH. Owner: Elizabeth Barret.

43.Ch Baroness Jesse Von Weber MH
Bitch. 12/29/98. Breeder: John Scheer. By High Island Steel-High Island Jet. Owner: Thomas Weber.

44.Ch Blu Sandstorm Atomic Fyrball MH
Bitch. 9/9/97. Breeder: Guy Rezzardi. By DC Jed’s Silent Polar Express-NFC DC AFC Navaho Sidekick MH. Owner: Sandra Hoesel

45.Ch Nicholas Two Spot MH
Dog. 1/16/99. Breeder: Gail Richardson. By DC SGR Dirty Laundry-SGR Past Tense JH. Owner: Marlin W. Redmond.

46.CH Jed’s Silent Storm A’Brewin, MH
Bitch. BY DC/NFC/NAFC Cadcase Rogue-CH Jed’s SGR Silent Panda JH. Owner: Karen Nelsen

47.Ch Weidenhugel Brie V Simon MH OA NAj
Bitch. 1/12/95. Breeder: Mildred L. Revell. By: CH Weidenhugel Simon V Alexe-Weidenhugel Schazi v Nico. Owner: Sharon L. Jahn.

48.Ch Rlb's Jessie The Body MH
Dog. 3/24/00. Breeder: Roger & Lois Bultman. By Backwoods Flexible Flyer-CH SGR China Doll JH. Owner: Roger & lois Bultman & Andrea Handevidt.

49.Ch Aspen Grove Rampage MH
Bitch. 3/29/00. Breeder: Ross VanDerBos. By NFC DC Jay-Mar Blake’s Windczar SH-Ch Severn Run’s Chatelaine MH. Owner: Ros VanDerBos

50.Ch Jay-Mar's Tzar's Passing The Torch MH
Bitch. 7/27/98. Breeder: Nickol Litwin/M J Collins. By NFC/DC Jay-Mar’s Blake’s Windczar SH-CH Jay-Mar Wiesen’s Rite on Target MH. Owner: Craig and Leslie Troncale.

51.Ch Larkspur's Caramel at Heywire MH
Bitch. 12/10/96. Breeder: Gina McCain By CH Ripsnorter’s It’s Showtime-CH Owner: Dennis Dec & Audrey Meinke

52.Ch SGR Frostbite MH
Bitch. Breeder: Gail Richardson. By: DC SGR Silent Running CD, MH x Hellbenders Desert Storm. Owner: Bill & Gail Richardson.

53.CH Alisons Ariel MH
3/18/94. Breeder: Silver Haryczi. By: Alisons Shooting Star x Alisons Prairie Flower. Owner. Jan Monson.

54.CH Gunsmokes High Plains Drifter, MH
4/7/01. Breeder: Jan Monson. By: CH Paradise Lake Jake x CH Gunsmoke’s Annie Oakley, SH. Owner: Mary Anderson.

55.Ch Blauermonds The Accomplice MH
3/28/96. Breeder: Robert Strassman. By: St. Croix Breezin Boogaloo x Leibenwalds Hi Flying Hilde. Owner: Robert & Stephanie Strassman.

56. CH Shadra’s Judgement Day O Blairsdale MH UTI
Dog. Breeder: Janet Blair & Jerry & Leslie Clark. By: VC Kettle Creeks Moe MH x CH Blairsdales Joie De Vivre CD. Owner: Jerry & Leslie Clark.

57.Ch Weidenhugel Gabby V Merlin MH
Bitch. 6/14/96. Breeder: Cynthia l. Heiller, DVM. By CH. Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico MH CD CGC-Ch. Weidennbach Ulla V Rap JH CD CGC. Owner: Cynthia Heiller, DVM.

58.Ch Bob Wire Get The Point MH
Dog. 9/25/99. Breeder: Robert linn. By Ch Wildefire’s Bently-CH Maestro’s Miss M MH. Owner: Jay & Jennie Richardson & Robert Linn

59.CH JetSet’s First Look at Scotia. MH, OA, OAJ
Female. 2/17/99. Breeder: Robert & Jane Bonaccorso By: DC AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH-CH JetSet’s Full Sail of Scotia JH, NA, NAJ. Owner: Henry & Chris Eberhardt.

60.Ch Side by Side's Chatanuga Choo MH UTI
Dog. 4/16/97. Breeder: Jonathan & Margaret Prescott. By VCAdel Vom Horan’s Bauernhof MH UTI-KTV Mein Schatz UTII. Owner: Charles Kissinger

61.Ch Caramel's The Usual Suspect MH
Dog. 3/2/01. Breeder: Audrey & Don Meinke. By Ch Darling’s Tick Tock MH-Ch Caramel’s Ol’Devil Moon JH. Owern: Audrey & Donald Meinke.

62.Ch Drakkars Ontopofhisgame MH
Dog. Breeder: Terrance Boldin. By: CH Drakkar N Vivas First Man Up-CH Drakkar’s All Eyes On Me CD. Owner: Barbara Silverman & Terrance Boldin.

63.Ch Windswept High Brass CD, MH, NA, OAJ
Dog. 6/14/96. Breeders: Lori & Mark Sargeant & Sue Degraw. By Ch Fairoaks Timebomb V Wiesen MH NAJ-CH Schnellberg’s In the Rough CDX SH OA OAJ. Owner: Mark & Lori Sargent

64.Ch Abigail Von Blu Sands VCD2, MH
Bitch. 3/26/00. Breeder: Guy Rezzardi. By DC Jed’s Silent Polar Express-NFC DC AFC Navaho Sidekick MH. Owner: Greg & Cathy DuBois.

65.BISS/BIS Ch Rlb's Mac The Knight MH
Dog. 3/27/02. Breeders: Roger & Lois Bultman. By CH RLB’s Jessie The Body MH – CH Ripsnorter RLB’s Samantha. Owners; Roger & Lois Bultman, Andrea Handevidt and Joyce Wilkinson

66.Ch Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX, MH
Bitch. 3/24/99. Breeders: Terry & Ann Duffin By: CH Sure Shots Rockland Boss x Hellbenders Bugbite. Owner: Meg Eden

67.Ch Schnellberg's Good By Design MH NA
Dog. 1/29/99 Breeder: Susan Degraw. By CH Schnellberg’s Black Tie Affair – Ch Schnellberg’s Ruff Wire Zoe MH. Owner: Susan Degraw

68.Ch Larkspurs Cagle's Von Duke MH
Dog. 7/26/99. Breeder: Gina McCain & Kathryn Schwer. By Larkspurs Turbo Charges-CH Ripsnoerts Classic Carla. Owners:

69.CH Weidenhugel Blitzen V Einer MH
Dog. 2/11//01. Breeder: Mildred Revell. By: CH Weidenhugel Einer V Pilot x CH Weidenhugel Birta V Simon. Owner

70.CH Weidenhugel Kyoko V Victor MH
Dog. 6/3/01. Breeder: By: DC Cadenburg Victor Von Trey MH x CH Weidenhugel Wild N Innocent. Owner: Mildred Revell.

71.AM/CAN Ch Caramel'N'Heywire's Time Flies MH
Bitch. 5/10/00. Breeder: Audrey Meinke & Stacie Dec. By CH Darling’s Tick Tock MH-CH Larspur’s Caramel at Heywire MH. Owner: Richard & Wendy Warwick & Audrey Meinke.

72.CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Vixen V Einer, MH
Bitch. 1/14/02 Breeder: Sharon Jahn & Mildred Revell.
By CH Weidenhugel Einer V Pilot-CH Weidenhugel Brie V Simon, MH, OA, NAJ Owner: Sharon Jahn

73.CH Scotian Private Reserve MH
Dog. 12/18/96. Breeder: Laura Reeves & Jane Bonaccorso. By CH Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico CD MH-CH Ruff Cut Jet Set Autumn Moon JH. Owner: Laura Reeves-Lucocco & Kelly Harder.

74. CH Weidenhugel Ernst V Einer, MH
Dog. 9/15/01. Breeder: Cynthia L. Heiller, DVM BY CH Weidenhugel Eriner V Pilot-CH Weidenhugel Xrated V Bama Owner: Cynthia L. Heiller, DVM & Gary Bonini

75.CH Txwyr’s Herr Spoetzl MH
Dog/ Breeder: Terry Woodfin . By: NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Cascade Ike, MH x CH Txwyr’s Gizmo Von Cibolo, SH. Owner: Joyce Miley

76.CH Southpaw Left Handed Gunner MH
Dog. Breeder: Danielle McCallum & Kevin Crags. By: CH Creaghans Sun On The Moon, JH x CH ADPG EZ Come EZ Go, CD, MH. Owner: Kevin Cragg & Margie Howard.

77.CH Wildacres Ima Gypsy Dancer, MH
Bitch. 4/7/03. Breeder: Carolyn Isom & Deb Rewerts. By: CH Side By Sides Chatanuga Choo, MH, UT 1 x Wild Acres Ima Fancy Dancer, JH. Owner: Carolyn Isom & Genevieve Capstaff.

78.CH Mason Creek's High Voltage MH
Dog. 06/06/03. Breeder: Janet M. Nahorn & Barbara C. Grygiel. By M C Wired-Mason Creek Elke V Hedge Row. Owners: Janet M. Nahorn & Barbara C. Grygiel.

79. CH Weidenhugel Yolo V Einer MH
 (D) Ch Weidenhugel Einer V Pilot x Weidenhugel Della V Xero B: M Revell OL R. Rittenhouse CA

80. Ch Haas' Smooth As Brandi Jake MH
 (D) 10/7/07 By: Ch Darling Ticker Tape Jake JH x Weidenhugel Heidi v Donner JH B: Stephen Haas O: Tom McFall

81. Ch Weidenhugel Xtra Spcl V Bama MH
 (B) 10/30/07 By: CH Weidehugel x Ch Weidenbach Ulla V rap CD JH  B: Cynthia heiller O: Cynthia Heiller & Kathy Boyd

82. Ch Whitetail's Shortcut MH
 (D) By: Ch DKE Liberty Aztec JH x Whitetail's Go Double Nickel JH B: Dr. W Darby O: Deb Darby

83. Ch ADPG The Patriot MH 
(D) 3/22/08 By: Ch Ire Jeans Cheif Bearhart x Ch ADPG Southpaw Heart In Hand  B/O: Danielle McCallum

84. DC AFC Flintlocks Go Boy V Rahnhaus MH
 (D) 4/18/08 Flintlocks Limited Edition x Flintlocks Late for The Sun B: Mike Hemphill O: Rocky Gilleard

85. Ch Jerelin's Fly Me To The Moon JH
 (D) 4/6/08 By: Ch Heywire N Wismar Justa Wizard JH x Ch Jerelin's afternoon Delite MH NA B/O: Linda Krepak

86. DC Piemonte Zoie V Chisola 
(B) 5/31/08 By: FC Piemonte Guido v Chisola x Procyon's Crash N Burn B: Ervin Jones  O: Jodi Quesnell & Aloysia Hard

87. Ch Weidenhugel Poppy V Dirk MH
 (B) By: Ch Weidenhugel Dirk V Vic x Ch Weidehugel Xrated V Bama B: Cynthia Heiller  O: Cynthia Heiller & Kathy Boyd

88. Ch Haas' Smooth As Brandi Jake MN 
(B) Ch Darling Ticker Tape Jake JH x Weidenhungel Heidi V Donner JH B: Stephen Haas O: Tom McFall

89.Ch Weidenhugel Xtra SPCL V Bama MH
(B) Ch Weidenhugel x Ch Weidenbach Ulla V Rap CD JH B: Cynthia Heiller O: Cynthia Heiller & Kathleen Boyd

90. Ch Whitetails Shortcut MH
(D) Ch DKE Liberty Aztec JH x Whitetail's Go Double Nickel JH B: Dr. Darby O: Deb Darby


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Field Champions & Amateur Field Champions

Field Champion & Amateur Field Champion GWP's
Updated Thru May 2009

Name/Sex/ Sire/ Dam/ Titles Published / Breeder Owner
  1. FC Haar Baron's Mike  (D)  Herr Schmardt V Fox River x DC Haar Baron's Gremlin 1959 12 Dec-59   Faestal Faestal WI
  2. DC Haar Baron's Gremlin (B)  Fritz of Clipper City x Lowenberg's Queenie 1960 5 May-60   Stauber Faestal WI
  3. DC Quandu v.d. Elbmarsch (D)  Barry vom Annenhof x Lassi v.d. Elbmarsch 1960 12 Dec-60   Wassermeyer Hoffman IL
  4. DC Strauss's Melodie   (B) Herr Schmardt V Fox River x DC Haar Baron's Gremlin 1961 5 May-61   Faestal Glodowski WI
  5. FC Mitchen of Lowenberg B Herr Schmardt V Fox River x DC Haar Baron's Gremlin 1962 6 Jun-62   Faestal Faestal WI
  6.  DC Haar Baron's Tina CD B Herr Schmardt V Fox River x  DC Haar Baron's Gremlin 1963 6 Jun-63   Faestal Faestal WI
  7.  DC Haar Baron's Hans D Herr Schmardt V Fox River x  DC Haar Baron's Gremlin 1964 6 Jun-64   Faestal Capstaff IL
  8. FC Haar Baron's Jo D Albert's Bronze Jody DC Haar Baron's Gretchen 1965 5 May-65   Faestal Rieckhoff WI
  9.  DC Haar Baron's Gretchen B Zep of Odense  x DC Haar Baron's Gremlin 1967 6 Jun-67   Faestal Faestal WI
  10.  DC Herr Schmardt's Boy Yancy   D FC Haar Baron's Mike  x  Gander Mountain Asta   1969 6 Jun-69   Bechtold Gallagher IL    
  11.  DC Queen Vom Stoppelsberg CDX B Rolf von der Feldmuhlex x Ova Vom Stoppelsberg 1969 7 Jul-69   Gewecke Floege-Boehm TN
  12.  DC Haar Baron's Shean D CH Haar Baron's Baron Senta v. Aintree 1970 11 Nov-70   Bjorn Arkema IL
  13.  DC Woten Zur Wolfschlucht CD D CH Talbach's Gremlin Rennie x DC Queen Vom Stoppelsberg 1970 12 Dec-70   Floege-Boehm Floege-Boehm TN
  14.  DC/AFC Loki Zur Wolfschlucht D CH Talbach's Gremlin Rennie x  DC Queen Vom Stoppelsberg 1971 2 Feb-71 May-74 Floege-Boehm Byrne VA
  15.  DC/AFC Graf Bowser D CH Haar Baron's Big Ben  x CH Fieldway's Lara 1972 1 Jan-72 Jan-79 Farnstrom LeFurge NJ
  16.  FC/AFC Rebel's Madchen B CH Haar Baron's Rebel x Pat's Pfann Kuchen Gretel 1973 6 Jun-73 Jan-74 Guptill Walker WI
  17.  FC Haar Baron's Miss Keli B CH Haar Baron's Big Ben x Haar Baron's Miss Hannah 1973 7 Jul-73   Faestal Wyderka WI
  18.  FC/AFC Halb Von Pommoregon D Assi von Pommoregon x Carri von Pommoregon 1974 11 Nov-74 Dec-76 Pommerening Marquart WA
  19.  DC/AFC Imp Von Pommoregon D Assi von Pommoregon x  Carri von Pommoregon 1975 8 Aug-75 May-77 Pommerening Ruess IA
  20.  FC/AFC Bur-Oaks Trixie   B   Hoss II   x  Heide   1975 11 Nov-75 Nov-75 Joyce Burke IL    
  21.  FC/AFC Miss Keli's Tonya B CH Haar Baron's Rebel x  FC Haar Baron's Miss Keli 1976 11 Nov-76 Jan-78 Wyderka Wyderka WI
  22.  FC Aras von Grafenberg D FC/AFC Halb Von Pommoregon x Gunda von Grafenberg 1976 12 Dec-76   Strakeljohn Strakeljohn WA
  23.  DC/AFC Lutz zur Cadenberg CD,TD D Heike zur Cadenberg  x Birke von der Alten Aller 1977 8 Aug-77 Jan-78 Butt Alberts & Berry CA
  24.  DC/AFC Bit of Sigurd D CH Sigy of Sigurd  x CH Lady Meldonna 1978 5 Jun-78 May-78 Colby Uhl CA
  25. DC/AFC Miss Keli's Annabelle B DC/AFC Imp Von Pommoregon  x FC Haar Baron's Miss Keli 1978 7 Jul-78 Jul-80 Wyderka Schoonover IN
  26.  FC/AFC Ahlin's Dyke Ann B Rio Von Bongo x  Harr Baron's Cassandra 1979 12 Dec-79 Sep-80 Marsh Ahlin WI
  27.  FC Whitewing's Baby von Arni B Whitewings' Sir Casa Arni x x Arni V.D. Haid 1980 3 Mar-80   Smith Haviland AZ
  28.  AFC Draufganger's Sinta B Hailblume Hollander  x Arusta von Grossen Bruch 1980 6 Jun-80 Burton Wagner MI
  29.  DC/AFC Nordwest's Griff Von Dem Feld CD D CH Odell's Hansel  x Odell's Anji 1980 7 Jul-80 Feb-82 Larson Ljungren WA
  30.  DC/AFC Walker's Blue Movie   B   Walker's Rip Off   x FC/AFC Ahlin's Dyke Ann   1980 9 Aug-80 Aug-81 Ahlin Haag IA    
  31. FC Chancellor's Sierra Drifter D CH Chancellor v Schellberg  x Liesel A Chrichtonbach 1980 11 Nov-80   Schnell Calkins OR
  32. FC/AFC Walker's Summer Wind B Walker's Tanglefoot x FC/AFC Rebel's Madchen 1981 2 Feb-81 Dec-81 Walker Walker WI
  33. FC Fredrich's Wolfgang D Lalone's Hans V Fredrich x  Anka von Grafenberg 1981 3 Mar-81   Fredrich Fredrich WA
  34. DC Flintlock's Not Too Shabby B DC/AFC Lutz zur Candenburg x  Dame Thecla 1981 4 Apr-81   Hemphill Fernandez & Berry CA
  35. FC/AFC Fredrich's Figure It Out D Walker's Rip Off  x Anka von Grafenberg 1981 7 Jul-81 Jan-83 Fredrich Fredrich WA
  36.  FC/AFC Halb's Sure Shot B FC/AFC Halb Von Pommoregon  x Giesla von Grafenberg II 1981 12 Dec-81 Nov-82 Marquart Ljungren WA
  37. FC/AFC Baron Vom Schyrental D DC/AFC Lutz zur Candenburg x  Asta Vom Schyrental 1981 12 Dec-81 Jan-83 Meyn Weatherton CA
  38. AFC/CH Fritz V Schellberg II D Rusty V Schnellberg  x CH Gretchen V Schnellberg IV 1982 11 Nov-82 Schnell Schell MI
  39.  FC/AFC Halb's Miss Chief B FC/AFC Halb Von Pommoregon x  Giesla von Grafenberg II 1983 1 Jan-83 Jan-84 Marquart Ljungren WA
  40.  FC Walker's Gye Wire   D   Walker's Rip Off  x   FC/AFC Ahlin's Dyke Ann   1983 2 Feb-83   Ahlin Ciolkowski IL    
  41. FC Schroeder's Maine Heir D Amo Vom Stoppelsberg  x CH Antje V D Teufelsbrucke 1984 1 Jan-84   Schroeder Wilkins ME
  42. FC Dallimore's Gretta B Herr Schmardt's Big Guy Frtiz x  Grettel Von Grafenberg 1984 2 Feb-84   Wilson, C. Dallimore OR
  43. FC/AFC Cascade Steamer D CH Fritz Von Rank CH Walker's Cascade Tess 1984 10 Oct-84 Feb-85 Calkins Calkins OR
  44. DC Marsu's Sierra Cass B FC Chancellor's Sierra Drifter x CH Walker's Cascade Tess 1984 10 Oct-84   Calkins Decker CA
  45. FC Tack's Pepper Mill D Walker's Rip Off x Miss Sundown Sandy 1985 1 Jan-85   Walker Tack MI
  46. DC/AFC Cadenberg Bacchanale V Lutz B DC/AFC Lutz zur Cadenburg  x CH Weidenhugel Capuccine 1985 2 Feb-85 Jul-85 Alberts Fernandez CA
  47. DC/AFC Sure Shot's Point Blank MH, CD D FC/AFC Halb Von Pommoregon x  FC/AFC Halb's Sure Shot 1985 8 Oct-85 Aug-85 Ljungren Ljungren WA
  48. FC Cascade Smokin' Jo D CH Fritz Von Rank x  CH Walker's Cascade Tess 1985 10 Oct-85   Calkins Calkins OR
  49. DC/AFC Fredrich's Rosy Bear B Walker's Gandolf  x Anka Von Grafenberg 1985 10 Oct-85 Jun-88 Fredrich Fredrich WA
  50. DC/AFC Fredrich's Vogel Jaeger   D   Walker's Gandolf  x   Anka Von Grafenberg   1985 10 Oct-85 May-86 Fredrich Fredrich WA    
  51.  FC Tonya's Mickey Finn D DC/AFC Imp Von Pommoregon  x FC/AFC Miss Keli's Tonya 1986 1 Jan-86   Wyderka Braddock MI
  52. FC Rawhide's Hay Windy B Rawhide's Rough Cut  x Rawhide's Lacy 1986 2 Feb-86   Paltani Armburst NE
  53. DC Cascade Rogue MH D FC Chancellor's Sierra Drifter x  CH Walker's Cascade Tess 1986 2 Feb-86   Calkins  OR
  54. AFC Game Barron Von Hess D Thor Jaeger  x Honey Jeager 1986 2 Feb-86 Svenbakken Lunseth MN
  55. AFC Draufganger Hemp B DC/AFC Imp Von Pommoregon x  Draufganger Just Jessie 1986 7 Jul-86 Black Sobie IL
  56.  FC Halb's Regiment B FC/AFC Halb Von Pommoregon x  Gisela Von Grafenberg II 1988 3 Mar-88   Marquart McCoy OR
  57.  DC Flintlock's Medicine Man D FC/AFC Fredrich's Figure It Out  x Flintlock's Bushwacker 1989 5 May-89   Hemphill Hemphill WA
  58.  DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Hole n One MH,CD D CH Sunshine Jake  x CH Malpats Justabump 1989 6 Jun-89 Sep-89 Brawn Brawn PA
  59. FC/AFC Annchen Am Fluess B FC Tonya's Mickey Finn x  FC/AFC Ahlin's Dyke Ann 1989 9 Dec-89 Sep-89 Ahlin Mueller MN
  60. 60 FC Dyke Ann's Best Shot   B FC Tonya's Mickey Finn x  FC/AFC Ahlin's Dyke Ann   1989 12 Dec-89   Ahlin Ahlin MN    
  61. FC Marsu's Cascade Skipper D FC Cascade Smokin Jox x  Marsu's Skeeter of Bayfield 1990 1 Jan-90   Decker Decker CA
  62.  FC Marsu's Abigale of Bayfield B FC Cascade Smokin Jo  x Marsu's Skeeter of Bayfield 1990 1 Jan-90   Decker Gaska AZ
  63.  FC/AFC Marie Laveau Von Steuben B CH Cadenberg Faun V Lutz  x Stephen's Kissie Von Steuben 1990 1 May-90 Jan-90 Berry Schoonover IN
  64. FC/AFC Cascades Tuffy D FC Chancellor's Sierra Drifter Walker's Cascade Mistress 1990 10 Oct-90 Nov-91 Calkins Lee OR
  65. DC SGR Silent Running D CH Back V Schellberg  x Schellberg's Vanilla Mousse 1991 1 Jan-91   Richardson Richardson MI
  66. FC Selkirk's Bounty Hunter D DC/AFC Sure Shot's Point Blank CD MH x  Star Vom Schyrental 1991 2 Feb-91   Pearson Sakiey PA
  67.  DC/AFC Cadenberg Magie V Rogue B DC Cascade Rogue x  Cadenberg Filou V Lutz 1991 8 Aug-91 Dec-91 Alberts Alberts CA
  68. FC/AFC Bo Taylor V Rahnhaus D Fredrich's Top Figure  x Doc's Candy V Rahnhaus 1991 12 Dec-91 Jun-95 Gilleard Gilleard MT
  69.  DC/AFC Cascade Ike MH D DC Cascade Rogue  x Cascade Misty Morning 1992 1 Jan-92 May-92 Lewis Calkins OR
  70. FC/AFC Sure Shot's Cascade Miss Tique   B FC/AFC Cascade Steamer x  FC/AFC Halb's Miss Chief   1992 5 May-92 Feb-95 Ljungren Ljungren WA    
  71. FC/AFC Sure Shot's Cruise D FC/AFC Cascade Steamer  x FC/AFC Halb's Miss Chief 1992 7 Jul-92 Jul-92 Ljungren Lee OR
  72. FC Casta V Schyrental Sure Shot B FC/AFC Cascade Steamer x  Sure Shot's Razzle Dazzle 1992 11 Nov-92   Ljungren Meyn WA
  73. FC Doty's Whirlwind Sir Gabby D Rawlee Gene's Delight x  Rawhide's Dizzy Lizzy 1992 12 Dec-92   Paltani Doty TX
  74.  FC/AFC Jimkath's High Roller D FC/AFC Cascade Steamer x  High Noon Hustler 1993 2 Feb-93 Feb-93 Slavick Yates MI
  75.  FC Sure Shot's Mister Chips D FC/AFC Cascade Steamer  x Sure Shot's Razzle Dazzle 1993 5 May-93   Ljungren Lee OR
  76.  FC/AFC Sure Shot's Maggie MH B DC/AFC Sure Shot's Point BlankCD MH x  Ju-Dee's Heidi 1993 6 Jun-93 Jul-93 Pochop Ljungren WA
  77. DC Uodibar's Bush Man D Rawlee Gene's Delight x Rawhide's Dizzy Lizzy 1994 6 Jun-94   Paltani Pratt WA
  78. DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Top Flite MH D  DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Hole n One CD MH UT x Sure Shot's Justa Racie Lacie 1994 12 Dec-94 Feb-95 Brawn Brawn & Sakiey PA
  79. AFC/CH Justa Tequila Sunset B DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Hole n One CD MH UY x Sure Shot's Justa Racie Lacie 1995 3 Mar-95 Brawn Sakiey & Brawn PA
  80. FC/AFC SGR Witches' Brew   B   Smokin Jo V Rahnhaus  x  FC/AFC Marie Laveau Von Steuben   1995 4 Oct-97 Apr-95 Schoonover Richardson MI    
  81. DC/AFC Schnellberg's Gretta B CH Schnellberg's Sydney  x Schnellberg's Anneliese 1995 5 May-95 Jul-95 Schnellberg Kennels Tait NJ
  82. AFC/CH Marsu's Jay-Mars Katie MH B Haag's Director  x Jay-Mars Marsu's Sassy 1996 4 Apr-96 Alkins Decker & Weber CA
  83. DC Uodibar's Fanny Paltani B Rawlee Gene's Delight x Rawhide's Dizzy Lizzy 1996 5 May-96   Paltani Shelley TX
  84. FC/AFC Breezin Britta Von Kinni B St Croix's Breezin Boogaloo x  Homer's Dream Jetta 1996 6 Jun-96 Jul-96 Homer Manns MN
  85.  FC/AFC St Croix's Rawhide Ruby B Rawlee Gene's Delight  x Rawhide's Dizzy Lizzy 1996 6 Jun-96 Jul-96 Paltani Mueller MN
  86. FC/AFC Pola Del Chisola B Notus Del Chisola  x Lara Del Chisola 1996 12 Dec-96 Apr-99 Zocco Hard WA
  87. FC Flintlock's Addition D Marsu's Superduper Trooper x FC Marsu's Abigale of Bayfield 1997 1 Jan-97   Gaska Hemphill WA
  88. FC/AFC Jimkath's Allure B Overbaron's Country Hustler  x AFC SGR Witches' Brew 1997 1 Jan-97 Aug-97 Richardson Yates MI
  89. DC/AFC Schnellberg's Annie B CH Schellberg's Sydney x  Schellber's Anneliese 1997 2 Feb-97 May-97 Owens Tait NJ
  90. FC/AFC Flintlock's Hawkeye   D   Flintlock's Strange Brew  x  Flintlock's Razin Kane   1997 4 Apr-97 Jan-98 Lewis Humphrey OR    
  91. DC/AFC Navaho Sidekick MH B CH Navaho's Trial Blazer x  CH Maestro Wing Song of Navaho 1997 6 Jun-97 Mar-98 Martin Rezzardi IL
  92. DC Jay-Mars Blake's Windczar SH D Haags Director x Rawhide Flake 1998 1 Jan-98   Collins Collins CA
  93. FC/AFC Sure Shot's Golly Miss Molly ? B DC/AFC Sure Shot's Point Blank x FC/AFC Sure Shot's Cascade Miss Tique 1998 7 Apr-99 Jul-98 Ljungren Ljungren WA
  94. DC Cadenberg Victor V Trey MH D CH Weidenhugel Intrepid V Goetz x  DC/AFC Cadenberg Magie V Rogue 1998 9 Sep-98   Alberts Revell CA
  95. FC/AFC Cascade Cadence MH B DC Cascade Rogue x Cascade Sunset 1998 9 Jun-01 Sep-98 Calkins Calkins OR
  96. FC Flintlock's Ezekiel D FC/AFC Bo Taylor V Rahnhaus x  Flintlock's Belle V Rahnhaus 1998 10 Oct-98   Hemphill DeMoura OR
  97. DC/AFC Wildwings Party Girl B Wildwing Sureshot Odie x Piemont April V Chisola 1999 1 Feb-99 Jan-99 Langlois Sandor CA
  98. FC Rush's Right D Eichenlaub Aero  x Eichenlaub Arival 1999 2 Feb-99   Pirak Berry CA
  99. DC/AFC TnT's Hot Rod Todd D Flintlock's Rapscallion x  DC/AFC Schellberg's Annie 1999 2 Feb-99 Dec-98 Tait Koeber & Tait NJ
  100. FC Jimkath's Catalyst   D   Haag's Cameraman  x   Schellberg Barbwire Cody   1999 2 Feb-99   Berta Yates MI    
  101. FC/AFC Déjà Vu B FC Rush's Right  x Feldleben Fritzie 1999 3 Mar-99 Jan-00 Etcharren Fernandez CA
  102. DC SGR Dirty Laundry D Overbaron's Country Hustler x  FC/AFC SGR Witches Brew 1999 5 May-99   Richardson Richardson MI
  103. DC/AFC Soo Line's Allied Freighter D CH Dana Nordica's A Victor x  CH Lieben Waids Doc's Drieka 1999 5 Jun-99 May-99 Dixon Amundson MN
  104. DC/AFC Sure Shot's Justa Miss Marker B DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Top Flite x  FC/AFC Sure Shot's Cascade Miss Tique 1999 6 Jun-99 Jul-99 Ljungren Ljungren WA
  105. DC Jed's Silent Polar Express D DC Cascade Rogue  x CH Jed's SGR Silent Panda 1999 7 Jul-99   Tucker Tucker MI
  106. FC Radar's One Over Par D FC Rush's Right x  Black Points Mis-Take 1999 8 Aug-99   Sustos Radar CA
  107. FC Flintlock's K-S Tzarr Schwartz D FC Flintlock's Addition x  Flintlock's Cheap Trick 1999 8 Aug-99   Hemphill Sunda IL
  108. FC/AFC Wind Walker Von Wilson D Seven Run Pressure Cooker  x Charmaine Von Wilson 1999 11 May-00 Nov-99 Wilson, Ron Lee OR
  109. FC Jay-Mar's Blake's Blue Angel B Haag's Director  x Rawhide's Flake 1999 12 Dec-99   Collins Dixon WI
  110. AFC/CH Bounty's Justa Margarita   B AFC Selkirk's Bounty Hunter x  AFC Justa Tequila Sunset   2000 1 Jan-00   Brawn & Sakiey Brawn & Sakiey PA    
  111. FC Flintlock's Bifrost Odin D FC Flintlock's Addition Flintlock's  x Late For The Sky 2000 1 Jan-00   Hemphill Uhnavey MI
  112. DC/AFC Bounty's Justa Pegleg Pete D AFC Selkirk's Bounty Hunter x AFC Justa Tequila Sunset 2000 1 May-01 Jan-00 Brawn & Sakiey Brawn & Sakiey PA
  113. FC Jimkath's OKK Temptress B Overbaron's Country Hustler  x  FC/AFC Marie Laveau Von Steuben 2000 6 Jun-00   Schoonover Yates MI
  114. FC/AFC Cascade Missing Link D DC/AFC Cascade Ike  x Cadenberg Sadie V ?? 2000 6 Apr-05 Jun-00 Carpenter Calkins OR
  115. DC/AFC Jay-Mar's Cina Runaway Train MH D DC Jay-Mars Blake's Windczar  x CH Jay-Mars Ab's Vina of Orion 2000 11 Nov-00 Feb-05 Collins & Litwin Kosman & Litwin MN
  116. DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH D CH Sure Shot's Rockland Boss  x FC/AFC Sure Shot's Maggie 2000 11 Nov-00 Apr-00 Ljungren Ljungren WA
  117. FC Wilson's Georgia Peach B Severn Run Pressure Cooker  x Charmaine von Wilson 2001 1 Jan-01   Wilson, Ron Wilson & Dixon GA
  118. FC Lehmschlogs Bottle Rocket D DC Uodibar's Bushman x  Cascade Tasmanian Devil 2001 4 Apr-01   Brown Milbrad WA
  119. FC Piemonte Guido v Chisola D CH Ali Del Chisola x  Piemonte April V Chisola 2001 6 Jun-01   Langlois Hard WA
  120. FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickel   D   Backwoods Flexible Flyer  x  DC/AFC Sure Shot's Justa Miss Marker   2001 7 Jul-01   Ljungren Lee OR    
  121. FC/AFC Prariewood's Easy Ryder B Backwoods Flexible Flyer x  FC Jay-Mars Blakes Blue Angel 2001 10 Nov-01 Oct-01 Dixon Manns WI
  122. DC/AFC Cascade Jagd Freund D FC/AFC Cascade Ike MH x Marie's Cascade Indiana 2001 11 Nov-01 Jan-03 Clkins Wickwire OR
  123. FC RLB's Jackson Man D Backwoods Flexible Flyer x CH Ripsnorter RLB's Samantha 2001 12 Dec-01   Bultman Kennedy CO
  124. FC/AFC TnT's Hammerin Hank D Overbaron's Country Hustler x DC/AFC Schellberg's Annie 2002 1 Jan-02 Nov-02 Tait & Owen Koeber & Tait NJ
  125. 125 FC/AFC OKK's Ivory Bo Laveau D OKK Bo Laveau x  OKK Flo Jo Laveau 2002 3 Jan-04 Mar-02 Schoonover Schoonover IN
  126. DC Vonduffin's RKLD Cappuccino B CH Sure Shot's Rockland Boss x CH Cascade Cate Von Duffin 2002 6 Jun-02   Duffin Duffin OR
  127. FC Piette's OKK Labelle Laveau B OKK Bo Laveau x OKK Flo Jo Laveau 2002 7 Jul-02   Schoonover Piette ??
  128. DC/AFC Jetset's Ragtop Day At Scotia JH D DC/AFC Dunkee's Justa Top FliteMH x  CH Jetset's Full Sail Of Scotia 2002 7 Jul-02 Aug-03 Bonaccors Quesnell ID
  129. DC/AFC Cadenberg Wicked One V Ike SH B DC/AFC Cascade Ike x  DC/AFC Cadenberg Magie V Rogue 2002 8 Jan-05 Aug-02 Alberts Owens MI
  130. FC/AFC Kimble's Ramblin Rebel   D FC Flintlock's K-S Tzarr Schwartz   x  K-S Tzarr Princess   2002 11 Nov-02 Feb-05 Kimble Kimble OR    
  131. FC Big Oaks Blackjac OKK D OKK Bo Laveau x  OKK Flo Jo Laveau 2002 12 Dec-02   Schoonover Grimslid WI
  132. FC Big Oaks Georgia Peach B DC Uodibars Bush Man x  Sure Shot's Fancy Pants 2002 12 Dec-02   Wilson, Ron Grimslid WI
  133.  DC/AFC Rudolph's Blitzen Von Duffin D Cadenberg Mick V Rogue x  DC Vonduffin's RKLD Cappuccino 2003 1 Jan-03 Dec-03 Duffin Williams OR
  134. FC/AFC Wingmaster's Bullet D Kettle Creek Moe x  Angel From Masterhunt 2003 2 May-04 Feb-03 Kegel Lococo NE
  135. DC Backwood's Sure Shot Marley D DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks  x CH Backwoods Mo Kick 2003 3 Mar-03   Dixon Hansen ??
  136. FC Backwood's Sure Shot Wilson D DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH x CH Backwoods Mo Kick 2003 4 Apr-03   Dixon Wilson GA
  137. DC/AFC Flintlock's Go Boy V Rahnhaus D Flintlock's Limited Edition x  Flintlock's Late For The Sun 2003 5 May-03   Hemphill Gilleard MT
  138. DC/AFC Sure Shot's Wide Open Spaces B FC/AFC Wind Walker Von Wilson  x FC/AFC Sure Shot's Golly Miss Molly 2003 6 Jun-03 Sep-03 Ljungren Ljungren & Cheshire WA
  139. FC Dottie's Ambitious Fortune B DC Soo Line's Allied Freighter x  FC Wilson's Geogia Peach 2003 7 Jul-03   Dixon Neubauer OR
  140. FC Backwoods Reflection   D FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickel  x FC Jay-Mars Blake's Blue Angel   2003 10 Oct-03   Dixon Lee OR    
  141. FC Side By Side Dazzler B DC/AFC TnT's Hot Rod Todd x  CH Side By Side Apfelschaps 2004 1 Jan-04   Prescott Alberts CA
  142. FC/AFC Justa Hot Wheels B DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite x  CH Ruff Cut's Justa Southwind 2004 1 Jan-04  Brawn & Sakiey Sakiey & Brawn PA
  143. FC/AFC Cascade CJ MH D DC/AFC Cascade Ike  x Cascade Cinder 2004 4 Jul-04 Apr-04 Calkins Calkins OR
  144. DC Backwoods Penny Lane FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickel  x FC Jay-Mars Blakes Blue Angel 2004 6 Jun-04   Dixon Dixon & Shelly WI
  145.  DC Piemonte Elena V Chisola B FC Flintlock's Hawkeye  x Piemonte Corey V Chisola 2004 6 Jun-04   Hard Hard WA
  146. FC/AFC Three Devils Abracadabra MH B Salty Pete V Rahnhaus  x Three Devils Owyhee 2004 6 Jun-04 Dec-04 Funke McGrane IA
  147. AFC/CH Walnub Berg's Upland Thunder MH D Schroeder's Summit Thunder  x Caramel's Greta Of Walnubberg 2004 6 Jun-04 Schaeffer Jarnich NY
  148. FC/AFC Backwood's Sure Shot Stoney D DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH x  CH Backwoods Mo Kick 2004 7 Jul-04 Jun-05 Dixon Benson MN
  149. DC Steensview Cascade Buckaroo MH D DC/AFC Cascade Ike  x Cascade Bag of Trix 2004 10 Oct-04   Hosford Hanson OR
  150. DC Jay-Mars Tzar's Wicked Mistress   B DC Jay-Mars Blake's Windczar x  CH Jaymar Wiesen's Rite On Target   2004 12 Dec-04   Collins & Litwin Magoon CA    
  151. DC RLB's Milo Kidd D Backwood's Flexible Flyer x CH Ripsnorter RLB's Samantha 2005 3 Mar-05   Bultman Dixon WI
  152. FC/AFC Sure Shot's White Shadow B Backwood's Flexible Flyer x DC/AFC Sure Shot's Justa Miss Marker 2005 6 Jun-05 Jan-06 Ljungren Ljungren WA
  153. FC Backwoods Longshot D NFC/FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickel  x FC Jay-Mar's Blakes Blue Angel 2005 7 Jul-05   Dixon Kalmes ??
  154. DC Backwoods Keystone Holy Moses D DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks  x CH Backwoods Mo Kick 2005 12 Dec-05   Dixon Bonar MD
  155. FC Cascade Maria B DC/AFC Cascade Ike x  Marie's Cascade Indiana 2005 12 Dec-05   Calkins Calkins OR
  156. FC St.Croix's Double Diamonds B NFC/CH Jay-Mar's Blakes Windczar  x  NAFC/FC St.Croix's Rawhide Ruby 2005 12 Dec-05   Mueller Mueller WI
  157. FC Wildwire's Cowboy D CH Whitetails Dutch x Wilsons Wildwire 2006 2 Feb-06   Fowls Fowls ??
  158. AFC Flintlock's Slick Shot Saddie B FC Flintlock's Addition x  Flintlock's Dark Star 2006 5 May-06 Hemphill Lybeck WA
  159. FC/AFC SGR T-Z's Markus Von Pines D DC SGR Dirty Laundry  x SGR Past Tense 2006 7 Jul-06   Richardson Furesz MI
  160. DC Wildwings Shameless D FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickel x DC/AFC Wildwings Party Girl 2006 7 Jul-06 Sandor Sandor CA
  161. FC AFC SGR Lumarks Krista Von Pines B FC SGR T-Z's Markus Von Pines x  SGR Lucy In The Sky   2006 8 Aug-06 Falk Furesz MI
  162. FC AFC Radars One Over Par (D) FC Rush's Right x Black Points Mis Take B: M Sutsos O:Radar CAFC AFC Flintlocks Slick Shot Saddie MH (B) FC Flintlock's Addition x Flintlock's Dark Star 2/24/07 B:M Hemphill O:Lybeck
  163. DC St Croix's Diamond Jim (D) NFC/DC JayMars Blake's Windczar SH x NAFC FC AFC St Croix's Rawhide Ruby (4/14/07) B/O: Mueller WI
  164. DC AFC Flintlocks Go Boy von Rahnhaus (D) Flintlocks Limited Edition x Flintlocks Late For The Sun 2/24/07 B: Mike Hemphill O: Rocky Gilleard
  165. DC Griffiths Willy Be Mine? (D) Harris Huntin Buddy x Molly Dancer Hunter B: Daggett O: Carolyn Doug Griffith, OR
  166. FC AFC Weidenhugel Impulse V Xero MH (D) Ch Weidenugel Xero von Goetz x Ch Weidenhugel Vixen V Einer MH (6/9/07) B/O: Sharon Jahn, CA  
  167.  DC AFC Showdowns Peacemaker (D) (3/22/08) by NAFC DC AFC Cascade Jagd Freund x FC AFC Cascade Cadence MH B- Ray & Lynn Calkins O- Gary & Sandy Wickwire
  168. DC AFC Tumalo Joe (d) NFC NAFC DC AFC Rudolphs Blitzen von Duffin x Ch Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX B:Meg Eden & Ann Duffin O: John & Sandy Williams
  169. FC Wilson's Famous Amos (D) 3/22/08) NFC FC Backwooks Sure Shot Wilson x Fancy Pressure Cooker Wiloson B- Ron Wilson O- Brenda Roe
  170. DC Nyramskov's H Hecktor (D) 5/17/08  Porsemoses Sepp x Nyramskov's D Alma  B- Hanne & Poul Bjeregaard O- Gary Bonnini
  171.  FC Overbaron's Chix Dig Me (D) NAFC DC AFC Cascade Jagd Freund x OKK Ebony Flo Laveau B: John & Ruth Schoonover O: Tony McGrane
  172. FC Brillows Wild West Show (B) FC Wildwires Cowboy x Ch Brillow Ally's Lil's Snippet B/O: Rhonda Haukoos
  173. DC RLB's Tigger De Ville SH (B) Ch RLB's Jessie the Body MH x Ch Ripsnorters RLB Samantha B: Roger & Lois Bultman O:R & L Bultman, Joyce Wilkonson, Terrence Boldin
  174. DC Schnellberg's Double Down SH  (B) Sire: VC Ken Vospet     Dam: Ch Schnellberg's Live Wire SH CGC  Breeder: Roger & Pam Doyle & Sue DeGraw Owner:: Roger & Pam Doyle 2009