Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Training Days

Training Days at the farm

Sassy & Tucker, point and honor.

Just about every Sunday this summer, the gang would gather here at my place and we worked our dogs. We had some very young puppies, started dogs and dogs we are getting ready for the trial season.

Kermit & Jerry Krepak

All in all our training went very well I think. We worked on getting them steady to wing and shot, worked on retrieving, did a lot of backing work and got the puppies out looking for birds.

All of us are GWP enthusiasts, with the occasional Shorthair and Griffon thrown in here and there.


Brody & Dennis Dec

I am lucky that we own 20 acres and are surrounded by roughly 200 acres of open land. Most all of our neighbors have put their land into farm preservation, so it will be here for a long time and won't end up as just another housing development. Most of the farmland in Bucks County has been sold to developers, and it's disappearing quickly, which makes hunting in this area darn near impossible. We really don't have wild birds anymore, other than some turkeys. Now and then we'll hear a pheasant cackling in a cornfield, but never see them.

Each of us has a different method of training and everyone helps everyone else with their dog. All in all, it's working pretty well for us and the dogs are doing well.

Louis James

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