Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Exercise Your Dogs!

FOCUS your dogs energy with these new "Dog Powered" vehicles !

The dog powered SCOOTER and TRIKE.

They are revolutionary in that they are the first animal/dog pulled devices that place the dog in the REAR behind a steering wheel !

This gives the rider precision steering control making the unit easy to use and practical for urban use on paved sidewalks and bike paths, or smooth/packed dirt.

The systems essentially eliminates the commands and dog training normally associated with the sport, since the dog HAS to follow the direction of the vehicle. Both rigs utilize an adjustible metal outrigger bar that clips into BOTH sides of the dogs' harness to focus all that canine energy in the direction the rider wants to go.

The dog cannot turn his shoulders much and is thus limited to the forward direction making it safe/controllable and predictable. The dog cannot turn to pull you over to the side.

There is NO downward weight on the dog and the system actually supports the dog/dogs side to side and vertically so there is no physical or mental stress on the dog. The dog can sit and even ly down while hooked into the system.

Both rigs are much safer than anything associated with a bicycle and a dog. The Trike is totally stable and safe. The Scooter is very safe but still requires just enough skill/balance to make it an exciting sport.

This also offers excellent control of the reactive/aggressive dog. Of course these units have good strong brakes, fenders and wheelcovers to protect the dog. And since they are also human powered ALL THE LOAD CAN BE TAKEN OFF THE DOG AT ANY TIME or you can team up with your dog and enjoy the thrill of mushing- urban style.

Each system can utilize up to 4 dogs! Or you can pop the bars off and use the rigs under just human power.

Its even appropriate for responsible kids and older folk who may have slight disabilities - in fact this may be an opportunity to create a whole new type of service dog for those in need- the mobility dog !

Of course dog safety is of prime importance, so only caring owners need apply and must follow the recommendations about maximum rider weight compared to the dogs weight, reduced and or eliminate warm temperature usage, and limitations due to the the dogs age, physical ability and drive.

To see the units in action, detailed safety precautions and prices go to : WWW.DOGPOWEREDSCOOTER.COM

or call the manuf. at 541-383-3845 in Oregon.

For more information, go to Dog Powered Scooters.