Friday, August 24, 2007

Champions/Master Hunters

Champion/Master Hunters
as of 5/09
(if I have missed any dogs, please email me)

1.Ch Marta Otto Von Pines CD MH
Dog. Breeder: Walter & Dolores Furesz. By: CH/AFC Fritz V Schnellberg II x CH Marta Von Pines. Owner: Walter & Dolores Furesz.

2.CH Marmick’s Benno Von Pines CD MH
Dog. Breeder: Walt & Dolores Furesz. By: FC Tonya’s Mickey Finn’ x CH Marta Von Pines. Owner: Walt & Delores Furesz.

3.CH Marmick’s Trudi Von Pines MH
Bitch. 4/3/87. Breeder: Walter & Delores Furesz By: FC Tonya’s Mickey Finn x CH Marta Von Pines. Owner: Walter & Delores Furesz

4.Ch Schnellberg's Rudy CD MH
Dog. 7/26/85. Breeder: Schnellberg Kennels. By: CH Baron Von Schnellberg IV x Schnells Tonya Owner: Schnellberg Kennels.

5.Ch Schnellberg's Sydney CD MH
Dog. 3/20/85. Breeder: Schnellberg Kennels. By: Ch Baron V Schnellberg IV x Lady V Schnellberg II. Owner: Schnellberg Kennels.

6.Ch Jest-A-Sec of Four Seasons CD MH

7.Ch Severn Run's A Shaggy Dog MH

8.Ch Wynakin's Anasazi Windmill MH
Breeder: Betsy Watkins & Pat Hopkins. By: CH Windmill Lonestar Jake x CH Ce Dar Malia Of Startrack. Owner: Berna Lee Aikin.

9.Ch Hellbenders Jesse James MH, CD
Dog. 7/30/94. Breeder: Mary Spies. By: Hellbenders Bums Rush x Hellbenders Desert Storm, JH. Owner: Dennis Dec.

10.Ch Paradise Lake Jake MH, UTI
Dog. 4/1/96. Breeder: Mary Darling. By: NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Cascade Ike MH-Darling Autumn JH. Owner: Ben & Sheri Himle.

11.Ch Sniffen Griffen MH
Dog. 8/7/93. Breeder: Sue Owen. By: Ch Schnellbergs Sydney CD, MH X Schnellbergs Anneliese. Owner: Frank & Elain Couture.

12.Ch Maestro's Justa Snuffleupagus MH
Dog. 5/22/95. Breeder: Pat Ranker. By: DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One CD, MH x CH Ripsnorters Die Zauberflote JH. Owner: Serena Dillingham & Pat Ranker.

13.CH Maestro Razz's Royal Lady MH
Bitch. 1/18/90. Breeder: Pat Ranker. By: CH Liebenwalds Wars Razzmatazz x CH Ripsnorters Die Zauberflote JH. Owner: Jack & Serena Dillingham

14.CH Maestro’s Miss M MH
Bitch. Breeder: Pat Ranker. By: DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One, CD, MH-CH Ripsnorter’s Die Zauberflote JH. Owner: Robert Linn.

15.CH Jerelins Afternoon Delite MH NA
Breeder, Linda Krepak Sire DC AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH x Ch Jerelins Tropical Storm JH Owner Jerry & Linda Krepak

16.Ch Schnellberg's Ruff Wire Zoe MH
Bitch. 3/19/94. Breeder: Lisa Jaffee & Nike Vampotic By: Ch Jamars Back in Time-CH Jaymar Wiesen’s Rite on Target SH. Owner: Susan Degraw.

17.Ch Jed's Spitze Geschutz MH
Dog. 8/8/91. Breeder: Ed & Barb Tucker. By: DC Cascade Rogue MH-CH Jed’s SGR Silent Panda JH. Owners: Ed & Jim Tucker

18.Ch Von Duffin's Halley' Comet MH
Bitch. 5/22/92. Breeder: Terry & Ann Duffin By: FC/AFC Cascade Tuffy-CH Cascade Cate Von Duffin mH. Owner: Terry & Ann Duffin

19.Ch Sgr Witch Hunt MH
Dog. 1/10/93. Breeder: Bill & Gail Richardson. By: Overbarons Country Hustler x FC/AFC SGR Witches Brew. Owner: Karen Nelsen.

20.Ch Dutchman's Wildfowler Magie MH
Bitch. Breeder: E. Kollmar & Joan Hussar. By: CH Severn Runs a Saggy Dog, MH x J&J Kiss And Tell. Owner: Ross Van Der Bos.

21.Ch Seven Run's Chatelaine MH
Bitch. 6/13/94. Breeder: Pat & Larry Huntington. By: CH Severn Runs a Saggy Dog, MH x Severn Runs Breezin Thru. Owner: Ross Van Der Bos.

22.Ch Fairoaks Timebomb V Wiesen MH

23.Ch Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico MH
Dog. 2/6/90. Breeder: Mildred Revell. By: Nico VD Bemmeraue x Weidenhugel Yolande V Quincy. Owner: Linca Ercoli.

24.BISS Ch Cascade Cate Von Duffin MH
Bitch. 6/1/87. Breeder: Terry & Ann Duffin. By: DC Cascase Rogue MH-Muffin Von Duffin. Owner: Terry & Ann Duffin.

25.Ch/OTCH Nordic's Viking Brandy UD,MH
Bitch. 6/4/87. Breeder: Mae & Larry Hennum. By: CH Hennums Baron Wilhelm , UD x CH Astra Vom Viking, CD. Owner: Mae & Larry Hennum.

26.Ch Silent Storm A-Brewin' MH
Bitch. Breeder: Jim Tucker. By DC/NFC./NAFC Cascade Rogue, MH, UT x CH Jeds SGR Silent Panda, JH. Owner: Karen. Nelsen.

27.Ch Allision's Drahted Brunhilda MH
Bitch. 4/7/91. Breeder: A. Harycki. By: Alison’s Int’l Prairie Scout x Alison’s Polka Dot Clipper. Owner: D. Sullivan.

28.Ch Heywire's Wynfall O'Shadra CD,MH
Bitch. 7/28/86. Breeder: Judy Cheshire & Bev Murray. By: CH Laurwyns Cheeseburger x CH Heywires Always A Bridesmaid. Owner: Jerry & Leslie Clark.

29.Ch Desertmill V Jaegermeister CD,MH
Dog. Breeder: E. Lyodom. . By: CH Hillhaven Desert Mill Festus x CH Desert Mills Elena V Landhaus. Owner: S. Totten & Paul Zebrowski.

30.Ch Ripsnorter Fire Starter VRDR CD MH
Bitch. Breeder: Jeff & Helen George & Bob Furlong. By: CH Windhaven’s Stutzer Stumper x CH Windhavens Wheel of Fortune. Owner: Robert & Deborah Rezzardi.

31.Ch Afterhours September Odyssey MH
Bitch. Breeders: Tina & Walt Whitmore. By: CH Afterhours Cassios Landlord x CH Afterhours Spirit of Shurcan. Owner: Chuck & Judy Parretti & Tina & Walt Whitmore.

32.Ch Jay-Mar Weisen's Rite on Target MH TDI
Bitch. 10/7/91. Breeder: Sue and Harvey Rawn By Ch Jamar’s Oh Henry JH-CH Contesse Vom Wiesen.
Owner: Nickol Litwin & M J Collins.

33.CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Brie V Simon, mH, OA, NAJ
Bitch. 1/12/95. Breeder: Mildred L. Revell. By CH Weidenhugel Simon V Alexe-CH Weidenhugel Schatzi v Nico. Owner. Sharon L. Jahn.

34.Ch Scotian Anchorstream MH
Dog. 12/18/96. Breeder: Laura Reeves & Jane Bonaccorso. By: CH Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico MH CD-CH Ruff Cut Jet Set Autumn Moon jH. Owner: Richard Kares & Diane Roll

35.Ch Darling Tick Tock MH
Dog. 4/1.96. Breeder: Mary J. Calkins-Darling. By NFC NAFC DC Cascade Ike MH-Darling Autumn JH. Owner: Ulreh Mostosky, J. Richards & T. Toland.

36.Ch Jay-Mar's Ab's Lieut Warf MH
Dog. 11/12/94. Breeder: M. Jay Collins. By: Jay-Mars Blusassy’s Baron-CH Jay-Mar’s Autumn Reign CD SH TDI. Owner: Jim & Fran Kidder

37.Ch Jay-Mar's Ab's Vina of Orion MH TDI
Bitch. 11/12/94. By Jay-Mary’s Marsu’s Baron-CH Jay-Mar’s Autumn Reign SH CD TDI Owner: Nickol Litwin & MJ Collins

38.Ch ADPG Ez Come Ez Go CD, MH

39.CH Kaese Kuchen MH
Bitch. Breeder: Grant Gessner. By: Tobias of Kent x Duchess of Gessner. Owner: William Lehmann.

40.CH Jay-Mar’s Star Spangled Banner MH
Dog. Breeder: Danielle McCallum. By: CH Ire Ja Chief Bearhart x CH ADPG Southpaw Heart In Hand. Owner: Nikki Litwin.

41.CH Flatlander’s Boise MH CD
Dog. 5/14/94. Breeder: Kevin McCauley By CH Haar Baron’s Casey JH-CH Flatlanders Zebar JH. Owner: Sandra Hoesel.

42.CH Soo Lines Lil Abner MH
Dog. 7/30/94. Breeder: Elizabeth Barrett. By CH Dana Nordica’s A Victor-Ch Lieben-wald’s Doc’s Drieka SH. Owner: Elizabeth Barret.

43.Ch Baroness Jesse Von Weber MH
Bitch. 12/29/98. Breeder: John Scheer. By High Island Steel-High Island Jet. Owner: Thomas Weber.

44.Ch Blu Sandstorm Atomic Fyrball MH
Bitch. 9/9/97. Breeder: Guy Rezzardi. By DC Jed’s Silent Polar Express-NFC DC AFC Navaho Sidekick MH. Owner: Sandra Hoesel

45.Ch Nicholas Two Spot MH
Dog. 1/16/99. Breeder: Gail Richardson. By DC SGR Dirty Laundry-SGR Past Tense JH. Owner: Marlin W. Redmond.

46.CH Jed’s Silent Storm A’Brewin, MH
Bitch. BY DC/NFC/NAFC Cadcase Rogue-CH Jed’s SGR Silent Panda JH. Owner: Karen Nelsen

47.Ch Weidenhugel Brie V Simon MH OA NAj
Bitch. 1/12/95. Breeder: Mildred L. Revell. By: CH Weidenhugel Simon V Alexe-Weidenhugel Schazi v Nico. Owner: Sharon L. Jahn.

48.Ch Rlb's Jessie The Body MH
Dog. 3/24/00. Breeder: Roger & Lois Bultman. By Backwoods Flexible Flyer-CH SGR China Doll JH. Owner: Roger & lois Bultman & Andrea Handevidt.

49.Ch Aspen Grove Rampage MH
Bitch. 3/29/00. Breeder: Ross VanDerBos. By NFC DC Jay-Mar Blake’s Windczar SH-Ch Severn Run’s Chatelaine MH. Owner: Ros VanDerBos

50.Ch Jay-Mar's Tzar's Passing The Torch MH
Bitch. 7/27/98. Breeder: Nickol Litwin/M J Collins. By NFC/DC Jay-Mar’s Blake’s Windczar SH-CH Jay-Mar Wiesen’s Rite on Target MH. Owner: Craig and Leslie Troncale.

51.Ch Larkspur's Caramel at Heywire MH
Bitch. 12/10/96. Breeder: Gina McCain By CH Ripsnorter’s It’s Showtime-CH Owner: Dennis Dec & Audrey Meinke

52.Ch SGR Frostbite MH
Bitch. Breeder: Gail Richardson. By: DC SGR Silent Running CD, MH x Hellbenders Desert Storm. Owner: Bill & Gail Richardson.

53.CH Alisons Ariel MH
3/18/94. Breeder: Silver Haryczi. By: Alisons Shooting Star x Alisons Prairie Flower. Owner. Jan Monson.

54.CH Gunsmokes High Plains Drifter, MH
4/7/01. Breeder: Jan Monson. By: CH Paradise Lake Jake x CH Gunsmoke’s Annie Oakley, SH. Owner: Mary Anderson.

55.Ch Blauermonds The Accomplice MH
3/28/96. Breeder: Robert Strassman. By: St. Croix Breezin Boogaloo x Leibenwalds Hi Flying Hilde. Owner: Robert & Stephanie Strassman.

56. CH Shadra’s Judgement Day O Blairsdale MH UTI
Dog. Breeder: Janet Blair & Jerry & Leslie Clark. By: VC Kettle Creeks Moe MH x CH Blairsdales Joie De Vivre CD. Owner: Jerry & Leslie Clark.

57.Ch Weidenhugel Gabby V Merlin MH
Bitch. 6/14/96. Breeder: Cynthia l. Heiller, DVM. By CH. Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico MH CD CGC-Ch. Weidennbach Ulla V Rap JH CD CGC. Owner: Cynthia Heiller, DVM.

58.Ch Bob Wire Get The Point MH
Dog. 9/25/99. Breeder: Robert linn. By Ch Wildefire’s Bently-CH Maestro’s Miss M MH. Owner: Jay & Jennie Richardson & Robert Linn

59.CH JetSet’s First Look at Scotia. MH, OA, OAJ
Female. 2/17/99. Breeder: Robert & Jane Bonaccorso By: DC AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH-CH JetSet’s Full Sail of Scotia JH, NA, NAJ. Owner: Henry & Chris Eberhardt.

60.Ch Side by Side's Chatanuga Choo MH UTI
Dog. 4/16/97. Breeder: Jonathan & Margaret Prescott. By VCAdel Vom Horan’s Bauernhof MH UTI-KTV Mein Schatz UTII. Owner: Charles Kissinger

61.Ch Caramel's The Usual Suspect MH
Dog. 3/2/01. Breeder: Audrey & Don Meinke. By Ch Darling’s Tick Tock MH-Ch Caramel’s Ol’Devil Moon JH. Owern: Audrey & Donald Meinke.

62.Ch Drakkars Ontopofhisgame MH
Dog. Breeder: Terrance Boldin. By: CH Drakkar N Vivas First Man Up-CH Drakkar’s All Eyes On Me CD. Owner: Barbara Silverman & Terrance Boldin.

63.Ch Windswept High Brass CD, MH, NA, OAJ
Dog. 6/14/96. Breeders: Lori & Mark Sargeant & Sue Degraw. By Ch Fairoaks Timebomb V Wiesen MH NAJ-CH Schnellberg’s In the Rough CDX SH OA OAJ. Owner: Mark & Lori Sargent

64.Ch Abigail Von Blu Sands VCD2, MH
Bitch. 3/26/00. Breeder: Guy Rezzardi. By DC Jed’s Silent Polar Express-NFC DC AFC Navaho Sidekick MH. Owner: Greg & Cathy DuBois.

65.BISS/BIS Ch Rlb's Mac The Knight MH
Dog. 3/27/02. Breeders: Roger & Lois Bultman. By CH RLB’s Jessie The Body MH – CH Ripsnorter RLB’s Samantha. Owners; Roger & Lois Bultman, Andrea Handevidt and Joyce Wilkinson

66.Ch Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX, MH
Bitch. 3/24/99. Breeders: Terry & Ann Duffin By: CH Sure Shots Rockland Boss x Hellbenders Bugbite. Owner: Meg Eden

67.Ch Schnellberg's Good By Design MH NA
Dog. 1/29/99 Breeder: Susan Degraw. By CH Schnellberg’s Black Tie Affair – Ch Schnellberg’s Ruff Wire Zoe MH. Owner: Susan Degraw

68.Ch Larkspurs Cagle's Von Duke MH
Dog. 7/26/99. Breeder: Gina McCain & Kathryn Schwer. By Larkspurs Turbo Charges-CH Ripsnoerts Classic Carla. Owners:

69.CH Weidenhugel Blitzen V Einer MH
Dog. 2/11//01. Breeder: Mildred Revell. By: CH Weidenhugel Einer V Pilot x CH Weidenhugel Birta V Simon. Owner

70.CH Weidenhugel Kyoko V Victor MH
Dog. 6/3/01. Breeder: By: DC Cadenburg Victor Von Trey MH x CH Weidenhugel Wild N Innocent. Owner: Mildred Revell.

71.AM/CAN Ch Caramel'N'Heywire's Time Flies MH
Bitch. 5/10/00. Breeder: Audrey Meinke & Stacie Dec. By CH Darling’s Tick Tock MH-CH Larspur’s Caramel at Heywire MH. Owner: Richard & Wendy Warwick & Audrey Meinke.

72.CH/Int CH Weidenhugel Vixen V Einer, MH
Bitch. 1/14/02 Breeder: Sharon Jahn & Mildred Revell.
By CH Weidenhugel Einer V Pilot-CH Weidenhugel Brie V Simon, MH, OA, NAJ Owner: Sharon Jahn

73.CH Scotian Private Reserve MH
Dog. 12/18/96. Breeder: Laura Reeves & Jane Bonaccorso. By CH Weidenhugel Merlin V Nico CD MH-CH Ruff Cut Jet Set Autumn Moon JH. Owner: Laura Reeves-Lucocco & Kelly Harder.

74. CH Weidenhugel Ernst V Einer, MH
Dog. 9/15/01. Breeder: Cynthia L. Heiller, DVM BY CH Weidenhugel Eriner V Pilot-CH Weidenhugel Xrated V Bama Owner: Cynthia L. Heiller, DVM & Gary Bonini

75.CH Txwyr’s Herr Spoetzl MH
Dog/ Breeder: Terry Woodfin . By: NFC/NAFC/DC/AFC Cascade Ike, MH x CH Txwyr’s Gizmo Von Cibolo, SH. Owner: Joyce Miley

76.CH Southpaw Left Handed Gunner MH
Dog. Breeder: Danielle McCallum & Kevin Crags. By: CH Creaghans Sun On The Moon, JH x CH ADPG EZ Come EZ Go, CD, MH. Owner: Kevin Cragg & Margie Howard.

77.CH Wildacres Ima Gypsy Dancer, MH
Bitch. 4/7/03. Breeder: Carolyn Isom & Deb Rewerts. By: CH Side By Sides Chatanuga Choo, MH, UT 1 x Wild Acres Ima Fancy Dancer, JH. Owner: Carolyn Isom & Genevieve Capstaff.

78.CH Mason Creek's High Voltage MH
Dog. 06/06/03. Breeder: Janet M. Nahorn & Barbara C. Grygiel. By M C Wired-Mason Creek Elke V Hedge Row. Owners: Janet M. Nahorn & Barbara C. Grygiel.

79. CH Weidenhugel Yolo V Einer MH
 (D) Ch Weidenhugel Einer V Pilot x Weidenhugel Della V Xero B: M Revell OL R. Rittenhouse CA

80. Ch Haas' Smooth As Brandi Jake MH
 (D) 10/7/07 By: Ch Darling Ticker Tape Jake JH x Weidenhugel Heidi v Donner JH B: Stephen Haas O: Tom McFall

81. Ch Weidenhugel Xtra Spcl V Bama MH
 (B) 10/30/07 By: CH Weidehugel x Ch Weidenbach Ulla V rap CD JH  B: Cynthia heiller O: Cynthia Heiller & Kathy Boyd

82. Ch Whitetail's Shortcut MH
 (D) By: Ch DKE Liberty Aztec JH x Whitetail's Go Double Nickel JH B: Dr. W Darby O: Deb Darby

83. Ch ADPG The Patriot MH 
(D) 3/22/08 By: Ch Ire Jeans Cheif Bearhart x Ch ADPG Southpaw Heart In Hand  B/O: Danielle McCallum

84. DC AFC Flintlocks Go Boy V Rahnhaus MH
 (D) 4/18/08 Flintlocks Limited Edition x Flintlocks Late for The Sun B: Mike Hemphill O: Rocky Gilleard

85. Ch Jerelin's Fly Me To The Moon JH
 (D) 4/6/08 By: Ch Heywire N Wismar Justa Wizard JH x Ch Jerelin's afternoon Delite MH NA B/O: Linda Krepak

86. DC Piemonte Zoie V Chisola 
(B) 5/31/08 By: FC Piemonte Guido v Chisola x Procyon's Crash N Burn B: Ervin Jones  O: Jodi Quesnell & Aloysia Hard

87. Ch Weidenhugel Poppy V Dirk MH
 (B) By: Ch Weidenhugel Dirk V Vic x Ch Weidehugel Xrated V Bama B: Cynthia Heiller  O: Cynthia Heiller & Kathy Boyd

88. Ch Haas' Smooth As Brandi Jake MN 
(B) Ch Darling Ticker Tape Jake JH x Weidenhungel Heidi V Donner JH B: Stephen Haas O: Tom McFall

89.Ch Weidenhugel Xtra SPCL V Bama MH
(B) Ch Weidenhugel x Ch Weidenbach Ulla V Rap CD JH B: Cynthia Heiller O: Cynthia Heiller & Kathleen Boyd

90. Ch Whitetails Shortcut MH
(D) Ch DKE Liberty Aztec JH x Whitetail's Go Double Nickel JH B: Dr. Darby O: Deb Darby



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