Saturday, August 22, 2009

Justa 'Nother Great Year!

2 Placements in the 2009 GWPCA National Amateur Championship
It was another great year for the Justa dogs at the Nationals.

Louie- NAFC/CH Ariels Justa Gotta Go Now had a great week at the GWPCA Nationals!
Not only did he win the Field Trial Dog class at the National Specialty Show, he went to to make the final cut for Best of Breed!
photo by Peter Kimmax
Then, 3 days later, Louie was named Runner Up in the National Amateur Championship!

The Dual dog... doing what they were bred to do, and looking good doing it!

Not only did Louie have a great week, our Demi- FC Jerelin's Justa Stacked Deck placed 4th in the Amateur Championship. At the time of her placement, Demi was owned by Bernee Brawn and Dr. Francis Sakiey. Demi was bred by Jerry & Linda Krepak, Jerelin's GWPs.

Following her great week, Demi went to live with her new owners Steve & Kathleen Finkle of St. Louis where she will be a cherished friend and companion. The plans are that Steve will continue with her field career and complete both her Amateur Field Championship and her Master Hunter titles.

We will be watching the puppies from Louie & Demi (born July 2009) closely in the coming years! Hopefully they will be able to follow in mom and dad's footsteps.

From left to right, Judge Gene Mosely, Bernee Brawn, Judge Joe Luisi, Fran Sakiey, Art Armbrust
Kneeling- Scout, Judy Cheshire with Louis James

"Louie" or NAFC/CH Ariel's Justa Gotta Go Now was named the winner of the 2008 Amateur Championship in Lincoln Nebraska on October 8th. The entire event was a lot of fun, but for me, this was the highlight of our week.

The trial was held at the Branched Oak WMA trial grounds, and they were in beautiful condition. The fields were mowed to perfection, leaving long sweeping edges for the dogs to follow. There were plenty of places for the dogs to hunt, thick bogs, dead trees, good places which held many coveys of quail. There were wild turkeys there, but I don't think any of the dogs found them. Deer were everywhere, and only a couple of dogs were drawn off by them.

It was warm (mid 70's) and windy most of the week, perfect for humans, a touch warm for the dogs. At times the winds made handling a wide running dog difficult.

Our judges watched each dog, and were enjoyable to run under. Their sense of humor kept things light and helped ease the nerves of us Amateur handlers. All in all, it was fun!

callback 2008 Amateur Championship
Louie and I in the call back for his retrieve!

Thank goodness that's over
Thank goodness that's over!

Louie ran in the 8th brace and he ran a good shooting dog race. Always easy to handle, Louie never really needed to be scouted and he always showed up right in front. He had 4 nice finds, with the last being a great covey find just before pickup time.

last find
Covey find!

I would like to thank several folks for helping Louie and I get to this level.
  • Dave & Vicki LaChance- Louie spent 6 months with them last winter in California. They did some tweaking for me and ran Louie on the big western grounds.
  • Fran Sakiey- my partner in the dogs. Fran is always our best cheerleader and biggest supporter.
  • Dr. MaryPat Ezzo- Co breeder of Louie, and the one who talked me into keeping him from that litter.

Louie has produced two litters now, both showing great short harsh coats, and very athletic body types.
He is available at stud to approved bitches. Please contact me for more information.

Louie's Pedigree:
Ch Sure Shot's Rockland Boss ofa good
NFC/DC/AFC Sure Shot's Hot Rocks MH ofa good
FC/AFC Sure Shot's Maggie MH ofa good
Ch Sure Shot's Rock On JH ofa good
BISS/DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH ofa good
DC/AFC Sure Shot's Justa Miss Marker ofa good
FC/AFC Sure Shot's Miss Tique SH ofa good

BISS/DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One CD MH UT ofa good
BISS/DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH ofa good
Sure Shot's Justa Racie Lacie ofa good
Ch Ariel's Justa Too Tuff To Tame SH CD NA NAJ ofa good
NAFC/NFC/DC Cascade Ike MH ofa good
Ch Ruffcuts Justa Southwind ofa good
Ch Wilsons Matilda of Ruffcut ofa good

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Demi & Louie's puppies -

All of the puppies from this breeding have been sold to wonderful homes.
Check back from time to time to see new photos of them as they grow up into bird dogs.
This is a really fun bunch of puppies, they are bright, bold, funny and very outgoing. They just received their vaccinations, so now we can go out to the fields, to the stream and begin some bird work with them.

Here they are destroying my gardens, playing with Scooter the BT and just playing.

Following are their official 7 week old photos. These are what we use to evaluate their conformation. During this week, I will start to evaluate their noses, their independence, braveness and all that other stuff we look for to make top notch bird dogs.
the # of the puppies are the order we took photos, not ranking

The Boys
All the boys have very nice, short tight coats. It appears they will be easy keepers, coat wise.


Sammy - this was the pick puppy from this litter and is available to the right home. Has been introduced to birds, been to the water, out and running in the fields. Very nice boy.

The Girls

This puppy got every single coat gene in the litter. Everyone else has nice short and harsh coats. She is adorable... but going to a great pet home where she will be spayed. She has found a wonderful home!
In all my years in the breed, I've never seen a coat like this on a baby puppy!
#4 female- available- very nicely put together, very good coat. She is a bit on the smaller side, but a real go getter!
#3 female- sold
Two Spot- Available- very cute girl, loves to be held and snuggle. She has a better coat than this photo shows, is conformationally very correct. $900

#1 female- available

Here are the Louie x Demi puppies at 4 1/2 weeks old.

They will change quite a bit in the next few weeks, but I finally had some help to get photos taken.
In general all have very nice coats, dark eyes, and wonderful tail sets.

Check back for more pictures next week.




The boys at 3 weeks old

The girls at 3 weeks old

2009 Sassy & Brody puppies

Below is "Jeff" the only available puppy from this litter. Nice male, good coat, very interested in the birds in the bird pen. "Jeff" is very sweet, is almost housebroken, crate tra and very responsive to people.
$900 to the right home.

Email me for more information.

We had a training day here at the house, and we had 6 of the Sassy puppies here. Out of the 6, 5 showed a great amount of point, and all of them are very birdy. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and didn't get many photos.

This is Milo, 8 weeks old... already pointing like a champ!

There are still a couple of puppies available to the right homes. Please email for more information or call 215 598 3990.

Here are pictures of all the puppies at 6 1/2 wks old.