Thursday, January 10, 2008

Category- Titled German Wirehaired Pointers

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our Dogs

Ch Ruffcuts Justa Southwind JH
Sire: NFC/NAFC Cascade Ike MH
Dam: Ch Wilsons Matilda of Ruffcut JH
Breeder: L&I Eagle
Owner: Bernee Brawn

Weasie was truly a once in a lifetime dog! she had a fun loving personality, and everyone that met her just fell in love.

In the field, Weasie liked to do things her way which made her a real challenge. But her "never say die" attitude brought her many friends and admirers. Weasie only needed one single point to finish her Dual Championship, sadly it was something we never completed with her.

At the GWP National Championships in Oregon, Weasie earned a Judges Award of Merit for her performance, remarkable mainly because this was a dog born, raised and trained on the east coast. Chuckar hills were something she had never seen before, but she went out and did her thing.

Weasie was also a pretty darn good fur dog... with over 40 groundhogs to her credit. She lived to be 14 yrs old, and we still miss her today.

Ch Ariel's Justa Too Tuff To Tame SH CD NAJ
Sire: BISS/DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH
Dam: Ch Ruffcut's Justa Southwind JH
Breeder: Bernee Brawn
Owner: Dr. MaryPat Ezzo & Bernee Brawn

Phoebe has herself to be a truly versatile dog! Not only is she a bird dog, but a show dog, an obedience dog and has obtained an Agility title!

Not only that, but she has been a great producer for us to boot. Her kids, out of 2 breedings have produced:
5 Champions
2 NAVHDA UT Prize 1's
6 NAVHDA NA Prize 1's
1 National Amateur Champion
3 SH's and numerous JH's

My thanks to her co-breeder and co-owner Dr. Mary Pat Ezzo for all of her work with Phoebe! She has been a great dog!

FC/AFC Justa Hot Wheels SH
Sire: BISS/FC/AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH
Dam: Ch Ruffcut's Justa Southwind JH
Breeder: Bernee Brawn
Owner: Fran Sakiey & Bernee Brawn

Wheeler was entirely owner trained and handled to her Field Championships by Fran. She is retired now from competition and hunts NJ pheasants with Fran.
Wheeler has always been a very sweet dog with a ton of drive. She was always a pleasure to work with.

FC Ariel S'shot Justa One Hot Mamma
Sire: Ch Sure Shot's Rock On JH
Dam: Ch Ariels Justa Too Tuff To Tame SH CD NAJ
Breeder: Mary Pat Ezzo & Bernee Brawn
Owners: Fran Sakiey & Bernee Brawn

Stella has mutiple wins and placements in Open and Amateur Gun Dog stakes, and she is close to finishing her show Championship, thus her Dual Championship.
Stella lived with and was trained and handled by Fran Sakiey until his death. Stella now lives with Jim and Rhonda Haukoos.
Stella is a littermate to Louie.

NAFC/DC/AFC Ariel's Justa Gotta Go Now
OFA Good
Sire: Ch Sure Shot's Rock On
Dam: Ch Ariel's Justa Too Tuff To Tame SH CD NAJ

Louie was the winner of the 2008 GWPCA National Amateur Championship held in Lincoln Nebraska.

Louie is a very biddable dog, very strong, beautiful style and smart!
In 2008, Louie had the following Gun Dog placements:
9/2008 Garden State Weim OLGD 2nd
9/2008 Eastern Irish Setter AGD 3rd
10/2008 GWPCA Nat. Am Ch 1st
10/2008 N J Britt AGD 2nd
10/2008 NJ Vizsla OLGD 3rd
10/2008 NJ Vizsla AGD 2nd
11/2008 NJ Vizsla OGD 3rd

He is well on his way to his Dual Championship.
At stud to approved bitches
To read more about Louie, go here

Ch C'dbrk Justa Sole Man SH
Sire: DC/AFC Bounty's Justa Pegleg Pete
Dam: Ch Maestro's Justa LunaTic JH
Breeder: Bernee Brawn & Bruce Ross
Owner: Dennis Dec, Fran Sakiey & Bernee Brawn

Brody is used to guide hunts almost every weekend during the season. He has an incredible coat and a a very calm and easy going personality.
Brody is a closer working dog, a good retriever and Dennis's GoTo dog. Brody has several legs toward his MH title.

Brody is available at stud to approved bitches.

FC Jerelin's Justa Stacked Deck SH

Sire: DC/AFC Bounty's Justa Pegleg Pete
Dam: Ch. Jerelins Afternoon Delight MH NA
Breeder: Jerry & Linda Krepak
Owners: Bernee Brawn and Steve Finkel
Demi was 4th in the 2009 National Amateur Championship trained and handled by Bernee Brawn.
She is now living in St. Louis with Steve Finkel who has completed her SH title and has 4 legs toward her MH!

Ch Ariels Justa New Attitude CD JH NA
Sire: Ch Side by Sides Chatanuga Choo MH UT 1
Dam: Ch Ariels Justa Too Tuff To Tame CD SH NAJ
Breeder: Mary Pat Ezzo & Bernee Brawn
Owners: Mary Pat Ezzo & Bernee Brawn

Trudy is a neat little bitch with a great attitude!
This litter produced 3 Champions and 2 NAVHDA UT prize 1 titled dogs!

As always we breed for the whole dog.

Above: Ch Ariel's Justa Singular Sensation SH "Sassy"
with Ch Ariel's Justa 10K Tucker SH UT 1 "Tucker" backing

Sire: BIS/BISS/DC/AFC Jetsets Ragtop Day at Scotia CD
Dam: Ch Ariel's Justa New Attitude SH NA CD
Owners: Dennis Dec, MaryPat Ezzo & Bernee Brawn

Sassy is a beautiful bitch flowing movement and a wonderful, easy to work with temperment. She has several legs toward her MH title. Sassy was bred to Brody in 2009.

This breeding has produced some wonderful puppies! Havey's Justa Jeff was the #2 puppy/derby for 2011 and is on his way to competing as a Gun Dog in the fall of 2012.

Sire: Ch Side by Sides Chatanuga Choo MH UT1
Dam: Ch Ariel's Justa Too Tuff To Tame SH CD NAJ
Breeder: MaryPat Ezzo & Bernee Brawn
Owner: Charlie Kissinger

Tucker is a hard charging dog, big going and very strong. He and Charlie completed his Utility title in 2008 with a very nice prize 1 score. He has been hunted all over the US and Canada.

Ch. Heywire's Don't Look Now JH
NAVHDA NA 1 112 pts

Sire: GCh. Ripsnorter's Mt. View Lookout JH
Ch. Heywire N Cedrbrk Justa Pon A Time JH
Owners: Steve & Lisa Kreuser & Bernee Brawn
Breeders: Judy Cheshire & Bernee Brawn

Josh lives with Steve & Lisa in Cantebury CT. Josh was Best in Sweepstakes at the 2011 GWPCA National Specialty in MI.
Josh has a wonderful laid back temperment, a beautiful coat and a beautiful dog.
He is currently in training for his SH


Ch. Heywires Thru The Looking Glass at Kenshaw

Owner: Shawn Damon & Bernee Brawn

A littermate to Josh (above), Sookie lives with Shawn and her husband Butch in Poland Maine.


Ebbtide's Justa Gotta Believe
Sire: NAFC/DC/AFC Ariels Justa Gotta Go Now
Dam: GCH Ebbtides From the Ashes
Breeder: Garnett Persinger
Owners: Garnett Persinger, Rhonda Haukoos, Bernee Brawn

LuCee is a beautiful bitch who will make her mark one day! She has her puppy and derby points and is learning to be a broke gun dog now. We hope to see her in gun dog stakes fall of 2012.

Harvey's Justa Jeff

ofa good

Sire: Ch Cedarbrooks Justa Sole Man SH
Dam: Ch Ariels Justa Singular Sensation SH
Breeder: Bernee Brawn & Dr. MaryPat Ezzo DVM
Owner: Ted & Meridith Harvey

Ted owned Elvis, a littermate to our DC AFC Bounty's Justa Pegleg Pete. As Elvis was getting up in years, he wanted a dog to take his place as his trusty hunting companion.
When Jeff was about a year old, he brought him for me to see and evaluate. I knew this boy had something special going for him... he was fast, agile, and loved his birds!
Luckily I was able to talk Ted into sending Jeff off to Jim West for a bit, just to see if what I saw was right. And right I was!
Jeff finished up 2011 as the #2 puppy/derby with only half a season under his belt. Jeff won the 2011 Mid West Derby Classic at Branched Oaks, luckily Ted was able to be there to see it.
This boy will be one to deal with down the road! Our thanks to Ted and Meridith for allowing Jeff to go out and fulfill his legacy and become the best he can be!


Sire: Louie

Dam: Ch. Caramel 'N Heywire's Mocha Sorbet at Star-K JH

Breeder: Audrey Meinke

Owners: Audrey Meinke & Bernee Brawn

Nixie lives in CT with Audrey and Don Meinke. She has multiple points toward her show Ch and will be out in the field this coming fall.