Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The All Star Invitational

A Very Special Competition
For Very Special Dogs!

The All Star Invitational was held the very first time in 2002 at the GWP Nationals in Nebraska. We wanted to do something to showcase our Dual Champions, our Champions with Master Hunter titles. We wanted a way to give the owners and breeders of these dogs a pat on the back, and we wanted our members to have the opportunity to see these dogs up close and personal.

At the Nebraska Nationals, we had an evening with nothing going on, so we invented the All Star Invitational. What started out as a way to fill an evening, something to do at night, has turned into quite the serious affair. Many of our handlers are dressed to the gunnels, complete with formal attire! We are thrilled that our GWP owners take this competition very seriously, and every year our ring is full of these talented dogs and their dedicated owners.

The All Star is open only to Dual Champions, Champion/Amateur Field Champions, Champion/Master Hunters, and Champion/ NAVHDA UT Prize 1 titled dogs, this prestigious competition highlights the importance of FORM and FUNCTION in a breed where this remains a priority.

Format: a panel of three knowledgeable GWP handlers, breeders and/or judges, judge The Invitational. The identities of the judges are kept secret until the night of the event. The All Star is held in the evening and the committee always makes sure there is plenty of food and drink available for all who come to watch.

The dogs are judged using the breed standard and there is only one winner! Today this event is judged strictly based on the conformation of the dogs, but who knows, maybe someday we will figure out how to fit in a competition in the field as well. Now that would be the ultimate!

This event is totally self supporting and receives no financial support from the GWPCA. Thank goodness the members of the GWPCA also believe in the importance of the All Star, without their support, it would not exist. The Committee holds a raffle every year to raise funds to pay for the bronze GWP trophy awarded to the winner, and to cover the costs of the dinner given for free to all who come to watch the dogs.

Go Here to view the beautiful and unbelievable raffle item for 2011!

2008 All Star Invitational Winner
DC Wildwings Shameless "Gus"
NFC/FC Sure Shot's Slick Nickle x DC/AFC x DC/AFC Wildwings Party Girl MH
Breeder/Owner: Lynn Sandor
Trained by and handled by Dave LaChance

2007 All Star Winner
BIS/DC/AFC Jet Sets Ragtop Day at Scotia- "Cruiser"
DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH x Ch JetSets Full Sail of Scotia JH
Breeder: Jane Bonaccorso & Laura Reeves
Owners: Tom & Jodi Quesnell

2006 All Star Winner
DC/AFC RLB's Milo Kidd
Backwoods Flexible Flyer x Ch Ripsnorters RLB Samantha
Breeder: Roger & Lois Bultman
Owner: Greg Dixon

2005 All Star Winner
Ch Weidenhugel Ernst V Einer MH- "Ernie"
Ch Weidenhugel Einer v Pilot x Ch Weidenhugel Xrated v Bama
Breeder:Cindi Heiller
Owners: Cindi Heiller & Gary Bonini

2004 All Star Winner
BIS/Ch RLB's Mac The Knight MH- "Mac"
Ch RLB Jessie the Body MH x Ch Ripsnorter RLB Samantha
Breeer: Roger & Lois Bultman
Owners: Roger & Lois Bultman, Joyce Wilkiinson, Andrea Handevidt

2002 All Star Winner
Ch Weidenhugel Gabby v Merlin MH
Ch Weidenhugel Merlin v Nico CD MH x Ch Weidenhugel Ulla v Rap JH
Breeder:Cindi Heiller
Owner: Mary Catherine Sowell & Cindi Heiller

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