Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 Demi and Louie's puppies grow up!`

Welcome to Demi & Louie's puppy page.
Dam: Jerelin's Justa Stacked Deck JH OFA good
This breeding was done to produce top notch working GWP's. Both Louie and Demi are hard running, long nosed, and stylish pointing dogs. Both have good coats, dark eye, and better than average conformation. The combination should produce some really nice puppies that will do whatever it is you want to do with them.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see photos of Louie and Demi and to see the pedigree on the puppies.

3 wks. old!

Today the puppies had their first taste of puppy food. They did very well, and ate it all up!
All in all, this litter looks like they will have shorter coats than Sassy & Brody's litter and I believe they will all stay much lighter in color. No true whites, I don't think, but they appear that they will stay very brightly ticked.

Demi is being a very devoted mom and I am constantly surprised and happy at how well she is taking care of her babies. Last night, she came bounding up the stairs into my office and jumped on me whining. Then down the stairs she went and out the door. Back in, up the stairs, jumping and whining... down the steps. So I followed her to see what was up.

Her puppies had knocked down the board I keep across the front of their room and they were scattered all over the garage! Demi was frantic that she couldn't gather them all up and get them back where they belong.

Once I got them all home again, she counted noses, let out a big sigh and layed down to nurse them. Good girl Demi!!
They are starting to walk around pretty well now, and are moving off of their bed to use the paper to potty on.

This is a male, he appears to have a nice short coat. Notice how dark his feet are? That shows he won't be white, and this liver color will continue to grow up his legs as he gets older.
Again, notice the dark undercoat showing through on the puppies. Some are darker, some lighter.

Today I had some quail that had died in the quail pen. I took them out and put them on top of a can to find a bag to put them in. When I came back, one of them was gone.

I suspected one of the Border Terriers had stolen it and I headed back to the house to see where it was stashed. On my way past the puppies, I noticed them all ganged up in a corner. Well..... guess where that dead quail was? Yup, Demi must have stolen it and took it in to the puppies! She had gone off on a walk with Jim, and left them something to sniff! Good girl Demi!!

2 weeks old.
Their eyes are beginning to open and they are becoming more mobile. Most of them are going to be somewhat dark, but there are a couple that are going to stay pretty white, or lighter ticked.
Demi is being a great mom!

1 week old


Mom trying to figure it all out! Are they in the box, or am I in the box?

Brody & Sassy puppies growing up.

5 weeks old!
They are dogs, small dogs, but dogs. The puppies are eating real dog food now, venturing outside everyday, playing in their yard, and best part, doing almost all of their "business" out there as well.

This is really turning into a very pretty batch of puppies. I am super pleased with them so far, both looks wise and temperament wise. They are outgoing, friendly and very so far not bothered by anything at all.

Jim hooked up the power washer for me so I can clean out their kennel run each morning and afternoon. The thing is loud, but it doesn't seem to phase them in the least.

After lunch nap.
This one is a very nicely coated male.

Did you call us?

Just hanging out on a nice summer day!

Here they are at 4 weeks old.
They are becoming dogs. One day they are toddling around, bumping into things. The next day they are fairly sure on their feet, bouncing around, growling, play fighting with each other.
They are now going out the dog door and using the outside run for most of their potty duties. Makes life easier for me! And they are learning to "go" outside, which will make it easier for their new owners.

While they are eating mushed up puppy food, there no replacement for mom at this age!

This little boy likes to sleep on his back!
Yo! MOM!!! We're hungry in here!!!!
Here little sister, let me help you out the door.
All tuckered out!

Almost 3 wks old.

Their first meal- watching them grow is fun and an education. They change so quickly, one day barely walking, the next they are toddling around barking.

Their coats are changing as well. Some that I thought would be quite hairy, are losing that fuzzy look and are now much smoother.

Some continue to darken with the liver extending up their legs, others now appear much lighter that I originally thought they would be.

Sassy is being a wonderful mom, very tolerant of anyone and anything coming for a quick visit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GWPCA 50th Anniversary

This fall, the GWPCA will celebrate their 50th anniversary!
To commemorate the occasion, the clubs National events will return to the state where it all began.

To find out more about the 2009 Nationals, please go to our National Events website.

This will be one heck of a party to celebrate the breed and the club.
Hope to see you all in October.

Commemerative Pins
The Gold 50th anniversary pin is available now....
Send check to payable to GWPCA to
Bernee Brawn
1408 Pineville Road
New Hope, PA 18938
on the bottom of the pin is says....
Golden Jubilee
It was difficult to photograph the pin, it really is very nice!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brody & Sassy Puppies

Brody & Sassy puppies, born 7/4/2009
10 wonderful, beautifully marked babies born on the 4th of July!

This breeding should produce some really nice all around gun dogs and family companions. Both sire and dam are dogs that work for the gun, adjusting their range as needed. Both are used heavily as guide dogs and have had hundreds of birds shot over them.
Brody is just a sweetheart of a dog, with an absolutely wonderful, natural harsh coat, and is an easy going - wants to please you type of dog.
Sassy has stunning style on her birds, high tail and a long nose. She loves the water and was very easy to train steady to wing and shot. Sassy has one leg on her Master Hunter title and will go back to complete it this fall.
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the pedigree for this litter and for photos of Brody and Sassy.

One week old below

The Boys 1 week old- they are already starting to show lots of liver in their coats.

The Girls- very pretty heads and markings. All the girls will be darker like their Dam

2 Weeks old, see how they are starting to get darker?

Ch Cdbrks Justa Sole Man "Brody"
Ch Ariels Justa Singular Sensation SH "Sassy"

This breeding is bringing together some really great dogs. Putter, Topper, Kodi, Bounty, Tequila, all dogs who have been a major influence in our dogs for the past 30 yrs. Putter and Topper are top producers in GWP's for Dual type dogs and both have received a Supreme ROM from the GWPCA.

Brody is owned by Dennis Dec who uses him heavily as a guide dog in New Jersey. Over the past two years he has had literally a thousand birds shot over him. Brody is a very kind dog, gentle, sweet and loves everyone. He doesn't have a mean or aggressive bone in his body.

Brody has the perfect range for the foot hunter, big enough to save you walking , yet always knowing where you are. In the big fields he has the get up and go needed, in tight cover he will work closer. He is also a very reliable retriever, and soft mouthed.

Brody has the kind of coat every GWP breeder dreams of. Harsh, thick and pretty much self grooming. His father also had that type of coat so we are hoping that comes through in this breeding.

Sassy has the good looks of her daddy, and has style on her birds! She is a sweet girl, and a great house dog. Dennis has used her, along with Brody, on the hunts he guides and everyone loves her. Conformation wise, Sassy is very elegant with flowing movement which allows her to float through the fields. She has one leg on her MH title and we hope to complete that after her puppies are gone.

We think this breeding will bring us good, hard hunting dogs with wonderful temperaments. They should be easy to train dogs, good pets and and both physically and mentally sound.
We are accepting a few deposits for this litter. Please email or call Bernee at 215 598 3990
Check back often for new pictures of the puppies as they grow!

Brody (left photo) Sassy

Ch Cdbrks Justa Sole Man SH
DC AFC Bounty\'s Justa Pegleg Pete
NFC FC AFC Selkirks Bounty Hunter
NFC DC AFC Sure Shot\'s Point Blank CD MH
Star von Schyrental
NAFC AFC CH Justa Tequila Sunset SH
BISS DC AFC Dunkee\'s Justa Hole N One CD NH UT
Sure Shot\'s Justa Racie Lacie JH
Ch Maestro\'s Justa Luna Tic JH
DC AFCDunkees Justa Hole N One CD MH UT
Ch Sunshine Jake NA
Ch Malpat\'s Justabump CDX
Ch Ripsnorters Die Zauberflote JH
Ch Tidewater\'s Valentino
Ch Briarpatch Ripsnorters Gal
Ch Ariel's Justa Singular Sensation SH
BIS DC AFC Jet Sets Ragtop Day at Scotia JH CD
DC AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH
DC AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One CD MH UT
Sure Shot\'s Justa Racie Lacie
Ch Jet Sets Full Sail of Scotia
Ch Weidenhugel Merln V Nicco MH
Ch Ariels Justa New Attitude JH CD NF TDI GDC
Ch Side by Sides Chatanuga Choo MH UT1
Adel v Horan\'s Bauernhof MH
KTV Mein Schatz
Ch Ariels Justa Too Tuff To Tame SH CD NA NAJ CGC
DC AFC Dunkees Justa Top Flite MH
Ch Ruffcuts Justa Southwind JH