Thursday, July 23, 2009

2009 Demi and Louie's puppies grow up!`

Welcome to Demi & Louie's puppy page.
Dam: Jerelin's Justa Stacked Deck JH OFA good
This breeding was done to produce top notch working GWP's. Both Louie and Demi are hard running, long nosed, and stylish pointing dogs. Both have good coats, dark eye, and better than average conformation. The combination should produce some really nice puppies that will do whatever it is you want to do with them.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see photos of Louie and Demi and to see the pedigree on the puppies.

3 wks. old!

Today the puppies had their first taste of puppy food. They did very well, and ate it all up!
All in all, this litter looks like they will have shorter coats than Sassy & Brody's litter and I believe they will all stay much lighter in color. No true whites, I don't think, but they appear that they will stay very brightly ticked.

Demi is being a very devoted mom and I am constantly surprised and happy at how well she is taking care of her babies. Last night, she came bounding up the stairs into my office and jumped on me whining. Then down the stairs she went and out the door. Back in, up the stairs, jumping and whining... down the steps. So I followed her to see what was up.

Her puppies had knocked down the board I keep across the front of their room and they were scattered all over the garage! Demi was frantic that she couldn't gather them all up and get them back where they belong.

Once I got them all home again, she counted noses, let out a big sigh and layed down to nurse them. Good girl Demi!!
They are starting to walk around pretty well now, and are moving off of their bed to use the paper to potty on.

This is a male, he appears to have a nice short coat. Notice how dark his feet are? That shows he won't be white, and this liver color will continue to grow up his legs as he gets older.
Again, notice the dark undercoat showing through on the puppies. Some are darker, some lighter.

Today I had some quail that had died in the quail pen. I took them out and put them on top of a can to find a bag to put them in. When I came back, one of them was gone.

I suspected one of the Border Terriers had stolen it and I headed back to the house to see where it was stashed. On my way past the puppies, I noticed them all ganged up in a corner. Well..... guess where that dead quail was? Yup, Demi must have stolen it and took it in to the puppies! She had gone off on a walk with Jim, and left them something to sniff! Good girl Demi!!

2 weeks old.
Their eyes are beginning to open and they are becoming more mobile. Most of them are going to be somewhat dark, but there are a couple that are going to stay pretty white, or lighter ticked.
Demi is being a great mom!

1 week old


Mom trying to figure it all out! Are they in the box, or am I in the box?

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Jim said...

Demi in the box. What a crack-up! Is she saying "Why me"?

Her coat is one of the best looking I have seen; it shines!

Very Nice looking pups!!