Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brody & Sassy puppies growing up.

5 weeks old!
They are dogs, small dogs, but dogs. The puppies are eating real dog food now, venturing outside everyday, playing in their yard, and best part, doing almost all of their "business" out there as well.

This is really turning into a very pretty batch of puppies. I am super pleased with them so far, both looks wise and temperament wise. They are outgoing, friendly and very so far not bothered by anything at all.

Jim hooked up the power washer for me so I can clean out their kennel run each morning and afternoon. The thing is loud, but it doesn't seem to phase them in the least.

After lunch nap.
This one is a very nicely coated male.

Did you call us?

Just hanging out on a nice summer day!

Here they are at 4 weeks old.
They are becoming dogs. One day they are toddling around, bumping into things. The next day they are fairly sure on their feet, bouncing around, growling, play fighting with each other.
They are now going out the dog door and using the outside run for most of their potty duties. Makes life easier for me! And they are learning to "go" outside, which will make it easier for their new owners.

While they are eating mushed up puppy food, there no replacement for mom at this age!

This little boy likes to sleep on his back!
Yo! MOM!!! We're hungry in here!!!!
Here little sister, let me help you out the door.
All tuckered out!

Almost 3 wks old.

Their first meal- watching them grow is fun and an education. They change so quickly, one day barely walking, the next they are toddling around barking.

Their coats are changing as well. Some that I thought would be quite hairy, are losing that fuzzy look and are now much smoother.

Some continue to darken with the liver extending up their legs, others now appear much lighter that I originally thought they would be.

Sassy is being a wonderful mom, very tolerant of anyone and anything coming for a quick visit.

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