Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Demi & Louie's puppies -

All of the puppies from this breeding have been sold to wonderful homes.
Check back from time to time to see new photos of them as they grow up into bird dogs.
This is a really fun bunch of puppies, they are bright, bold, funny and very outgoing. They just received their vaccinations, so now we can go out to the fields, to the stream and begin some bird work with them.

Here they are destroying my gardens, playing with Scooter the BT and just playing.

Following are their official 7 week old photos. These are what we use to evaluate their conformation. During this week, I will start to evaluate their noses, their independence, braveness and all that other stuff we look for to make top notch bird dogs.
the # of the puppies are the order we took photos, not ranking

The Boys
All the boys have very nice, short tight coats. It appears they will be easy keepers, coat wise.


Sammy - this was the pick puppy from this litter and is available to the right home. Has been introduced to birds, been to the water, out and running in the fields. Very nice boy.

The Girls

This puppy got every single coat gene in the litter. Everyone else has nice short and harsh coats. She is adorable... but going to a great pet home where she will be spayed. She has found a wonderful home!
In all my years in the breed, I've never seen a coat like this on a baby puppy!
#4 female- available- very nicely put together, very good coat. She is a bit on the smaller side, but a real go getter!
#3 female- sold
Two Spot- Available- very cute girl, loves to be held and snuggle. She has a better coat than this photo shows, is conformationally very correct. $900

#1 female- available

Here are the Louie x Demi puppies at 4 1/2 weeks old.

They will change quite a bit in the next few weeks, but I finally had some help to get photos taken.
In general all have very nice coats, dark eyes, and wonderful tail sets.

Check back for more pictures next week.




The boys at 3 weeks old

The girls at 3 weeks old

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